Is there any romance in Soul Eater?

Make and Soul are the two leading characters of the series, and fans had plenty of reasons to ship them. While their romantic relationship was never made canon – they did have a dramatic relationship full of conflict and loyalty, and fans loved it.

Does Soul and Maka get together?

Soul X Maka is one of the pairings that is as close to canon as anything else that actually happens in the series. It is also one of those couples that is unanimously agreed upon by the fandom as one of the absolute best in the series.

Are Soul and Maka cousins?

Maka too is a scythe Meister like her mother and is Meister to Soul ‘Eater’ Evans. In Soul Eater Revelations and Soul Eater: Noir Ange she is also cousin to Sarah and Danny Albarn….Maka Albarn.

(Stats) Maka Albarn
Weight 45 Kg
Soul Aura Blue

Does Soul ever become a Death Scythe?

After discovering his weapon abilities as a demon scythe, Soul joined Death Weapon Meister Academy where he partnered with the scythe-meister, Maka Albarn. Soul later became a death scythe after claiming the witch’s soul of Arachne Gorgon during the battle with Arachnophobia.

Who does Stein end up with?

Marie Mjolnir is assigned to be Stein’s new partner as her soul wavelength is supposed to have a calming effect on the madness. After Medusa takes the form of a little girl, she instructs Crona to slip a snake into Marie’s coffee which increases Stein’s madness wavelength, and at one time renders him unable to fight.

Are Stein and Marie together?

Apparently, the two never got any closer than how they currently are, but it has been suggested, and even stated in general, that Marie may still have some romantic feelings for Stein. Although Marie denies still seeing Stein romantically, she does show an extra form of care for him.

Who is Maka’s love interest?

Soul Evans
Soul Evans Being her weapon partner, both Maka and Soul possess a close relationship despite their contrasting personality, in which one is hardworking and serious while another is rebellious and cynical.

Is Crona a boy or girl?

Crona, in both adaptations, is genderless. Wether we like it or not, Crona’s neither a he or a she, Crona’s an it. Every hint leading to Crona having a gender is just Ohkubo messing with us- it’s a joke- because not even he knows nor cares.

Is Death the Kid a grim reaper?

Death the Kid (デス・ザ・キッド, Desu za Kiddo), commonly referred to as simply Kid (キッド, Kiddo), is a Grim Reaper and the son of Lord Death. Acting as a VIP of Death Weapon Meister Academy, he later becomes a student and upon enrolling, is recognized as one of the top three students in the academy.

Is Crona a boy or a girl?