Is WellMed the same as UnitedHealthcare?

WellMed is part of Optum, a UnitedHealth Group company. You can find more information about WellMed at Members of these plans may have a PCP contracted with AHN. The member’s ID will have the payer ID WELM2 or have listed as the care provider contact.

Did UnitedHealthcare buy WellMed?

UnitedHealth Group is the nation’s largest health insurer and is a large operator of Medicare managed healthcare insurance plans. It acquired WellMed in 2011.

What kind of company is WellMed?

health care company
WellMed Entities As a health care company primarily focused on the wellness of patients with Medicare, WellMed owns other medical-related divisions that make receiving preventive health care as easy as possible for our patients.

Is WellMed part of AARP?

WellMed will remain in the network for people enrolled in the AARP MedicareComplete Choice Plan 2 (Regional PPO) Medicare Advantage plan, which UnitedHealthcare will continue to offer in 2015.

What is WellMed UHC?

WellMed Medical Management, an affiliate of UnitedHealthcare, manages administrative services for members enrolled in certain UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Advantage, UnitedHealthcare Group Medicare Advantage, UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete® and UnitedHealthcare Chronic Complete® health plans in Texas.

Did Optum buy WellMed?

WellMed is now part of OptumCare™ as they work hard to provide specialized care to keep patients empowered and engaged in their own health. We accept traditional Medicare and a number of Medicare Advantage health insurance plans to help provide affordable health care options.

Is WellMed owned by Optum?

When was WellMed established?

WellMed was founded in San Antonio in 1990 by George M. Rapier, MD, with the goal of changing health care delivery for seniors. His vision was to provide quality, proactive, preventive care and build strong patient relationships.

Is WellMed affiliated with Humana?

Humana Health Care Plans of Texas Inc. has signed an agreement with WellMed Medical Management that will enlarge the physician network available to Humana’s members in San Antonio.

What is welm2?

WellMed Medical Management, an affiliate of UnitedHealthcare, manages administrative services for members. enrolled in certain UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage, UnitedHealthcare Group Medicare Advantage and. UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete® health plans in Texas. For the plans included in this guide, WellMed.

Is WellMed an MSO?

WellMed Medical Management, Inc. is a Managed Services Organization (MSO) with an HMO structure. We assume “full-risk” of your patient’s health. Through our Care Model, we provide you with the resources you need to help you your patients stay healthier.

What is WellMed?

WellMed is a team of medical professionals dedicated to helping patients live healthier lives through preventive care. Discover how WellMed helps take care of our patients. Learn more about what plans are accepted.

How do I get in touch with WellMed?

Online: By completing the form to the right and submitting, you consent WellMed to contact you to provide the requested information. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm CST. What time of day is best to call?

How do I contact wellwellmed or UnitedHealth Group?

WellMed and UnitedHealth Group are committed to working with and providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with physical and mental disabilities. If you need special assistance or accommodation for any part of the application process, or you encounter technical difficulties, please call 1-800-561-0861 between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

How do I contact WellMed patient advocate?

Your health is important to us If you are a current patient, interested in becoming a WellMed patient or have a question you would like answered, please contact our Patient Advocate Team. Call: 888-781-WELL (9355) Email: [email protected] Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST.