Was Kassandra The eagle bearer real?

Kassandra was an actual person in Greek mythology.

Who did Agamemnon take from Achilles?


Why did Agamemnon’s wife kill him?

In Aeschylus’s play Agamemnon, part of his Oresteia trilogy, Clytemnestra is driven to murder Agamemnon partly to avenge the death of her daughter Iphigeneia, whom Agamemnon had sacrificed for the sake of success in the war, partly because of her adulterous love for Aegisthus and partly as an agent for the curse on …

Is Kassandra a God?

Kassandra isn’t a demigod. She’s a descendant of the Isu – this gives her the special abilities she has such as the leap of faith. Kassandra is perceived as a demigod due to her abilities, but she, nor the Isu (the ones who came before) are gods, only revered as such.

Who killed Cassandra in Agamemnon?


What happened to Layla with the staff?

Declaring Layla the prophesied one who would bring balance, Kassandra passed the staff on to Layla and immediately lost her immortality and expired – Layla held her in her arms as she died. Layla then returned to the Animus to synchronize with the remainder of Kassandra’s memories.

Should I kill Kassandra’s father?

First off, if you kill Nikolaos, you will lose a whole questline that prominently features the Wolf of Sparta later on in the game. Not only that, but if you kill him, you’ll later on have to battle Stentor, another powerful, high-ranking Spartan.

Who is the hero in Iphigenia?


Who is Agamemnon’s son?


Are there sharks in AC Valhalla?

Fighting sharks underwater came as a surprise to us in AC Odyssey. In Valhalla, developers are sticking to this water gameplay by adding the ‘fishing’ feature in the game.

Why does Cassandra call Apollo her destroyer?

Cassandra also predicts her own death to the Argive elders. In the course of her prophetic frenzy, Cassandra cries out to Apollo, who is a god of, among other things, prophecy. Thus, Cassandra regards Apollo as her destroyer and his causing of her prophecies not to be believed may be the source of this destruction.

What happened to Layla in AC Valhalla?

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s modern day story, Layla then goes to the Isu device, where she is transported to some sort of plane with “The Reader,” who is implied to be Desmond Miles. It’s a lot to take in, but that’s the general summation of the ending to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Who plays Martin in the killing of a sacred deer?

Barry Keoghan

Did Agamemnon deserve to die?

Without the gods protection, Agamemnon would inevitably perish. In conclusion, although there were extraordinary circumstances surrounding the sacrifice of Iphigeneia, Agamemnon deserved his fate because of his egotism – his belief that he alone had won the war for Greece.

Who kills the king of Mycenae?


What was Cassandra’s Curse?

In Greek mythology, Cassandra was cursed for her ability to predict the future. No one listened to her. One of the consequences was the ruinous fall of Troy to the Greeks. She herself was captured, and then killed.

What was the point of the killing of a sacred deer?

The Killing of a Sacred Deer is directly concerned with fate, with cosmic punishment of human hubris, with our so-called free will crumbling under the uncaringly cruel banalities of the universe. In exploring these themes, the film reminded me very much of a modern update on a Greek tragedy.

What did Layla do with the staff?

Layla used the Staff to defend and kill most of the ambushing party, leaving only one alive to allow him to return to his leader.

Will Layla be in AC Valhalla?

Just as Eivor the Valhalla hero is about to set sail to England, the action shifts to Layla. Layla has not relocated to an unknown part of America, and has a limited amount of time to get what she needs to get from the memories of Eivor in the Animus before the Earth magnetic field problems worsen.

Is Hamtunscire the end of AC Valhalla?

You still have to take care of the last storyline in England – the Hamtunscire region saga. This region is unlocked on the Alliance map as the last one. After completing a series of quests in Hamtunscire, you will receive confirmation of the “pacification” of whole England and this equal advancing to the endgame phase.

What Greek tragedy is the killing of a sacred deer based on?

Iphigenia at Aulis

Who kills Iphigenia?

The Iphigenia myth originates from two plays written by Euripides, one where she dies and one where she is a refugee. Young Iphigenia faces death on her wedding day. She is sacrificed by her own father Agamemnon in order to win the Battle of Troy.

Why does Aegisthus want Agamemnon dead?

yet could not dare / to act it out?” (1633-35). Aegisthus replies that because of his exile, he could not get close enough to Agamemnon to kill him. He claims that his henchmen and the treasury will enable him to control the city.

Who violates Cassandra and is punished by Athena?

AJAX [ay’jaks] or AIAS, son of OILEUS [o-il’e-us], was prince of Locris and a leading warrior whose chief role in the saga occurred in the sack of Troy, when he violated Cassandra, who had taken refuge at the altar of Athena. He died during the return home, having offended both Athena and Poseidon.

Why did Kassandra give Layla staff?

Templars have very strong organization in modern day and all she need is not helping assassins . But ignoring assassins only lead them more trouble as she mentioned . Now finally she want Balance between them and according to prophecy, Layla is the one who can do this so she gave her staff .