What accomplishments did Taft do as president?

Angry politics diminished appreciation for Taft’s many achievements. He signed the first tariff revision since 1897; established a postal savings system; formed the Interstate Commerce Commission; and prosecuted over 75 antitrust violations, far more than pursued by the “trust- buster” Theodore Roosevelt.

How did Taft expand presidential power?

Beginning with the drafting of a new constitution (including a Bill of Rights similar to that of the United States) and the creation of the post of civilian governor (he became the first), Taft improved the island economy and infrastructure and allowed the people at least some voice in government.

What was President Taft best known for?

Taft was the only president to ever serve as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, making him the only person to ever hold a position in both the Executive and Judicial branches of the United States government. Taft considered his time as Chief Justice to be the highest point of his career.

How did Taft use American power?

In East Asia, dollar diplomacy was the policy of the Taft administration to use American banking power to create a tangible American interest in China that would limit the scope of the other powers, increase the opportunity for American trade and investment, and help maintain the Open Door policy of trading …

Why was Taft the most progressive president?

Nevertheless, Taft did move forward with progressive reforms. His reforms addressed the progressive goals of democracy, social welfare, and economic reform. Two of the major progressive achievements under President Taft were constitutional amendments. The Sixteenth Amendment was passed in 1909 and ratified in 1913.

What did Taft do for civil rights?

Taft and Civil Rights Instead, Taft’s one and only contribution to civil rights as president was publicly supporting Washington’s theory on race relations and the advancement of African Americans.

How did Taft’s views about diplomacy differ from Roosevelt’s?

Not unlike Roosevelt’s threat of force, Taft used the threat of American economic clout to coerce countries into agreements to benefit the United States. Of key interest to Taft was the debt that several Central American nations still owed to various countries in Europe.

How did William Howard Taft use American economic power to protect the nation’s interests in its new empire?

In what became known as “dollar diplomacy,” Taft announced his decision to “substitute dollars for bullets” in an effort to use foreign policy to secure markets and opportunities for American businessmen.

Was Taft a progressive?