What are slider spools for on a motorcycle?

The spool is an anchor point used to be able to raise your motorcycle easily and safely.

Do you need swingarm spools?

You don’t need spools. I didn’t have one when I low sided and high sided and the swingarm wasn’t damaged… Your pegs and foot levers would be the sliders… When I got one and low sided, there was no damage to the spools as well, my clutch lever and pegs are another matter though.

What is a motorcycle swingarm?

A swingarm, or “swinging arm” (UK), originally known as a swing fork or pivoted fork, is a single or double sided mechanical device which attaches the rear wheel of a motorcycle to its body, allowing it to pivot vertically.

How do you use a rear spool on a motorcycle?

To use the rear stand, simply support the motorcycle in a vertical position, then position the stand to the rear of the bike and position the clips of the stand at the spools (or just under the swingarm if using a swingarm stand).

Do I need bobbins for a paddock stand?

What do I need to use a paddock stand? Most rear stands will either be hook style or bobbin style. Hook style stands have bobbins (cotton reels or lifters) which usually get inserted into the swingarm and allow the hooks to lift. The bobbin type has the bobbin on the stand and the hook on the swingarm.

Is single-sided swingarm better?

While single-sided swingarms do offer advantages such as easier chain maintenance and simpler rear wheel removal, these generally do not warrant an increase in power or handling. Some believe a single-sided setup looks better than a double-sided one, but that is subjective.

How many types of swing arms are there?

There are two types of swing arms found on most bikes. Typically, most bikes have what is referred to as a monoshock regular swing arm. In this design, a coilover shock is joined to a linkage that is connected to the bike frame and the H-shaped swing arm itself. A newer version is the single-sided swing arm.

How do you lift the front of a motorcycle?

For raising the front of your bike, a fork lift stand raises the bike by lifting from the bottom of the fork legs. Another slick option is a head lift stand, which uses a pin that fits inside the bottom of the steering stem to raise the bike.

Are motorcycle swingarm spools Universal?

Most motorcycle swingarm spools are universal – all you have to do is check the manufacturer’s fitment chart and find out what size you need and you’re in business! You can find swingarm spools in delrin or aluminum, anodized a myriad of fancy colors to highlight your bike.

What are swingarm spools made out of?

Vortex Swingarm spools are constructed out of aluminum to provide a solid and sturdy mount point for your motorcycle Rear stand. Spools machined from billet aluminum. This top-grade product is expertly made… Lightweight Aluminum Spool Kit by BikeMaster®. Includes bolts for standard threaded holes on O.E.M.

What are motorcycle sliders and spools?

That is where motorcycle sliders and spools come in. These simple but effective accessories are designed to prevent direct contact between the road surface and plastic fairings, paintwork, engine covers, axle nuts, and so on. Swingarm spools, for example, can be installed at the special mounting points that you can find on most modern motorcycles.

Can a spool be used as a swingarm slider?

Some spools even feature a large slider puck of delrin or full delrin construction to effectively serve double duty as both swingarm sliders and rear stand spools. Ha! Made you say “double doodie.”