What are some local and community resources for mental health?

Active Minds. Contact: [email protected].

  • American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. Contact: 202-966-7300.
  • Child Mind Institute.
  • The Jed Foundation.
  • National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN)
  • National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health.
  • The Trevor Project.
  • Youth M.O.V.E. National.
  • What resources do you have available at this to help with mental health?

    The Lifeline is a free, confidential crisis service that is available to everyone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Lifeline connects people to the nearest crisis center in the Lifeline national network. These centers provide crisis counseling and mental health referrals.

    What are some resources available to individuals with mental illness?

    Call 911

    • Call 911.
    • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline : 1-800-273-TALK (8255) for English, 1-888-628-9454 for Spanish, or Lifeline Crisis Chat.
    • Crisis Text Line: Text SIGNS to 741741 for 24/7, anonymous, free crisis counseling.
    • Disaster Distress Helpline : CALL or TEXT 1-800-985-5990 (press 2 for Spanish)

    What are the best mental health resources?

    Online Mental Health Resources

    • Health Unlocked. A health-focused social network with communities for anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.
    • Turn2Me.
    • Daily Strength.
    • Mental Health Forum.
    • 7 Cups.
    • Bliss.
    • Mental Health America.
    • MentalHealth.gov.

    What are the resources of a community?

    To put it simply, community resources include people, places, activities and things. They could be businesses, organizations, public service institutions or individuals in the community. Community resources can also be funded in a variety of ways.

    How does being part of a community help mental health?

    Belonging to a community can benefit your mental health because it provides a space that encourages you to be yourself and one that connects you with those who are similar to you.

    What is a mental resource?

    Mental Health Resources (MHR) is a progressive, nonprofit organization that offers community-based mental health and substance use disorder services to adults recovering from serious mental illness.

    What are the 5 community resources?


  • Information and referral services.
  • Volunteer and intergenerational programs.
  • Senior centers.
  • Employment programs.
  • Income support programs.
  • Nutrition programs.
  • What are community resources in health?

    Community-based services are agencies that offer case management support such as drug treatment, mental health treatment, food pantries, companion and aide services, housing services, Medicaid application assistance, and postnatal services in a community setting.

    How can communities improve mental health?

    Building thriving communities helps foster mental health and wellbeing for everyone. When community members feel connected and have safe places to gather, and when they have access to affordable housing and good jobs, they experience less stress and anxiety.