What are T shirts called in English?

/ˈtiː.ʃɝːt/ (also tee shirt) A1. a simple piece of clothing, usually with short sleeves and no collar, that covers the top part of the body: She was wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

What are different types of T shirts called?

What are the different types of t-shirts necklines?

  • The Crew Neck style.
  • The Henley – Y neck style.
  • Polo t shirt collar styles.
  • The Scoop Neck style.
  • Raglan sleeve types.
  • Sleeveless t shirt style.
  • Cap sleeves t shirt style.
  • Half, three quarter and full-length sleeve types.

What are T shirts with images called?

Graphic tees explained. You may have noticed the rise of the graphic T-shirt – we certainly have. Distressed graphics and text collaged to build complex visual worlds and communicate ideas with a single glance.

What do you call a T-shirt in French?

un tee-shirt1 æ̃ tiʃœʁt. a T-shirt.

What does T-shirt Tee mean?

A T-shirt, or tee shirt, is a style of fabric shirt named after the T shape of its body and sleeves. Traditionally, it has short sleeves and a round neckline, known as a crew neck, which lacks a collar.

What is short form of T-shirt?

Also called T, tee.

What are thick T-shirts called?

Heavyweight tees are just that and made from thicker fabric of a higher GSM. They keep you a bit snugger when the temperatures dip and are also more durable overall. A factor to bear in mind with heavyweight tees is that while you want to feel snug you don’t want to compromise on breathability.

Where can I find graphic tee images?

Here are some Great Places to Get images for Custom Artwork for T-Shirts

  • Depositphotos.com. Depositphotos has thousands of royalty-free vector artwork (high quality) at extremely low prices.
  • Vector Stock for DTG.
  • Shutterstock.com.
  • iStock Photo.
  • Graphic Stock.
  • Clker.com.
  • Gettyimages.com.
  • Stockfreeimages.com.

Can I use pixabay images on shirts?

Conclusions. Understand that Pixabay images can be used in many instances without asking permission from the image author. However, it is your responsibility, to make sure the depicted content (persons, logos, designs, property, etc.) is suitable for your use and does not infringe any rights.

How do you say T-shirt in different languages?

In other languages T-shirt

  1. American English: T-shirt /ˈtiˌʃɜrt/
  2. Arabic: تي شيرت
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: camiseta.
  4. Chinese: T恤衫
  5. Croatian: majica.
  6. Czech: tričko.
  7. Danish: T-shirt.
  8. Dutch: T-shirt.

Is shirt FEM or MASC in French?

La chemise (feminine) is a (men’s) shirt. Le chemisier (masculine) is a (women’s) blouse….

Ending Examples Exceptions
-oir le couloir, un espoir, le miroir, le soir
-ail le travail, l’ail (m), le détail (also: le soleil)

What kind of T-shirts do they wear in Japan?

The collection is also very much inspired by Tokyo streetwear with comfortable loose fitting clothes. You can also find long sleeve t-shirts and Hawaiian shirts. In short, t-shirts that can delight many fans of Japan in addition to having a high-quality manufacturing. Why do we sell the best Japanese shirts?

What is Harajuku style T-shirt?

Harajuku style t-shirt: iconic district of Tokyo, Harajuku is without a doubt the basis of many Japanese fashion. If you also like this kind of unique fashion, this t-shirt is surely for you. A t-shirt perfectly representing the inventive spirit of streetwear from Japan.

What are unisex T-shirts?

Unisex t-shirts that fit any body type thanks to a soft and machine resistant fabric. To put it simply, cool t-shirts inspired by Japanese aesthetics that will last you a long time and offer you a comfort that you have probably never experienced with a t-shirt.

When to wear a Japanese streetwear tee?

Wear this Tee if you love Japanese urban fashion or give it as a perfect Streetwear gift to your friends who are crazy about Japan! Japanese Street! Japanese Aesthetics T-Shirt Today, I am not motivated.