What are the 13 positions in rugby league?

1 Fullback

  • Full Back.
  • Right Wing Threequarter.
  • Right Centre Threequarter.
  • Left Centre Threequarter.
  • Left Wing Threequarter.
  • Stand-off Half or Five-eighth.
  • Scrum Half or Halfback Forwards.
  • Prop.

What are the 2 types of player positions in rugby?

The players’ positions at the start of the game are indicated by the numbers on the backs of their shirts, 1 to 15. The positions are divided into two main categories; forwards (numbered 1 to 8) and backs (numbered 9 to 15).

What position is 10 in rugby?

Fly half
Teams & Playing

Backs Forwards
Number Position Position
11 (Left) wing Lock ( second row )
10 Fly half Blind-side flanker
9 Scrum half Open-side flanker

What position is number 20 in rugby?

loose forward
Generally the next rugby jersey number, 19, is worn by the lock cover with number 20 covering the loose forward rugby positions.

What position is number 7 in rugby union?

Open side flanker
Positions by number

Number Common name Regional variations
5 Second row Lock
6 Blink side flanker
7 Open side flanker
8 Number 8 Lock, Eight Man

What position is 3 in rugby?

right prop
Wearing the number 3 on the back of his jersey, the right prop is positioned on the right of the three forwards in the front row in a scrum; binding together with the opposing team’s forwards, he plays a vital role in the scrum. This position is well-suited to heavy, strongly-built players.

What position is 8 in rugby?

third-row forward
A third-row forward, the number eight wears the number 8 on the back of his jersey. The number eight controls and directs the forwards from behind. In a scrum, the number eight may extract the ball from the back of the scrum using their hands.

What are the 15 positions in rugby?

Loose-head Prop (1)

  • Hooker (2)
  • Tight-Head Prop (3)
  • Second Row (4)
  • Second Row (5)
  • Blind-Side Flanker (6)
  • Open-Side Flanker (7)
  • Number 8 (8)
  • Scrum-Half (9)
  • Fly-Half (10)
  • What is the best position in rugby?

    What is the best position in rugby? Hooker is therefore often a leader of men who must know how to put his forwards in confidence. It does is therefore it is not uncommon for the hooker to be the team captain. the posed pillar is often presented as the roughest of the rugby and certainly one of posts the most intense in sport in general.

    Which rugby position would I be best at?

    Loosehead prop (props up the hooker and does not have head bound in to the scrum)

  • Hooker (hooks the ball in the scrum)
  • Tighthead prop (props up the hooker and has head tightly bound in between two opponents)
  • Lock (locks the front row together)
  • What is the most dangerous position in rugby?

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