What are the dimensions of a pool cue?

Typical dimensions are 54–56 inches (140–140 cm) long, 16.5–18.5 ounces (0.47–0.52 kg) in weight, with an 11–12 mm diameter tip. The specialization makes the cue stiffer, for handling the heavier billiard balls and acting to reduce deflection .

What size tip do professional snooker players use?

9.5mm to 10mm
Generally speaking most pool players prefer and 8mm to 8.5mm tip for a 1 & 7/8 pool cue ball, and most snooker players prefer a 9.5mm to 10mm tip for a full size 2 1/16 snooker cue ball. American pool uses an even bigger cue ball so the tip sizes are normally between 12.5 mm and 13.5mm.

What size is an English pool table?

The simplest answer is that the American pool tables are generally larger than English pool tables with the standard American pool table being an 7ft, 8ft or 9ft and the standard English pool table being a 6ft, 7ft or 8ft. The official tournament or professional sizes being 9ft for American, and 7ft for English.

What size are pool tables in English pubs?

Standard sizes The average size of a UK pool table is 7ft, but many pubs and clubs opt for the smaller, 6ft size. In America, the standard pool table size for homes and private residences is 8ft, but their professional tournaments are played with the full-sized, 9ft tables.

How inches long is the average pool cue?

A full size pool cue is considered to be 57 inches in length, and sometimes 58 inches for two-piece cues. This size is ideal for an adult, allowing a long stretch across the baize so that your left arm is comfortably outstretched, and your right arm has plenty of recoil room for playing a powerful shot.

What is the average length of a pool cue?

The most common pool cue length is 58-inches. Most people between the height of 5’0 to 6’2 can use this length. Most pool sticks sold are at a 58-inches length. For most people, the length will already be 58-inches and will already fall in this category. No need to worry about it.

What is the best shape for a cue tip?

rounded tip
Therefore, a rounded tip is better than a flat tip. You shape the tip with a tip scuffer, a file, a piece of sandpaper, and other similar abrasive tools. Most players like their tips rounded with the radius of either a nickel or a dime; a coin can be held next to the tip for reference.

How far does a pool table need to be away from the wall?

The average pool table should generally be five feet away from a wall, and if you want plenty of room for people to take a shot and someone to walk behind you can even go up to seven or eight feet.

What are the dimensions of a 7 foot pool table?

39″ by 78″
The playing surface dimensions of 7 foot tables are 39″ by 78″. 8 foot tables 44″ by 88″. 9 foot tables 50″ x 100″. These dimensions are measuring from tip to tip of the gum rubber cushions.

How tall should a pool stick be?

Standard cues tend to be 57 inches for one-piece cues or 58 inches for two-piece cues, but children or people of below-average height should opt for a 48 inch or 52-inch cue. Players over 6 foot, 5 inches tall may need to special order a cue that is up to 61 inches long.