What are the micro teaching skills?

Skills of Micro teaching TechniquesIntroduction Skill.Skill of Probing Questions.Skill of Explanation.Skill of Stimulus Variation.Skill of Black-board Writing.Skill of Achieving Closure.

What is closure skill?

Closure is the step where you wrap up a lesson plan and help students organize the information in a meaningful context in their minds. This helps students better understand what they have learned and provides a way in which they can apply it to the world around them.

What is skill of reinforcement?

Reinforcement is strengthening the connection between a stimulus and a response. The skills of reinforcement involve the teacher to use more and more positive reinforcement and to decrease the use of negative reinforcement so that the pupils’ participation is maximized.

What is an example of reinforcement?

Reinforcement can include anything that strengthens or increases a behavior, including specific tangible rewards, events, and situations. In a classroom setting, for example, types of reinforcement might include praise, getting out of unwanted work, token rewards, candy, extra playtime, and fun activities.

What is the skill of explanation?

To present the subject matter in the simplified form before the pupils and making it acquirable is called the skill of explanation. It is necessary in all the subjects. In its absence the presentation of the subject matter is not possible.

What is skill of blackboard writing?

Every teacher should be proficient in the skill of using blackboard. Good blackboard writing leads to the following: Ø Clarity in the understanding of concepts. Ø Reinforcement of the idea which is being verbally presented. Ø Conveying a holistic picture of the content.

What is skill of introducing a lesson?

The INTRODUCTION provides interest and motivation to the students. It focuses students’ attention on the lesson and its purposes. It also convinces students that they will benefit from the lesson. Bringing in “realia” (real objects) related to the lesson.