What are the problems of Electronic communication?

Loss of information: The great challenge of this communication is that information may loss at any time due to virus, hacking, machinery breakdown and so on. Loss of secrecy: In this communication, it is very difficult to maintain secrecy of information.

What are the disadvantages of e communication?


  • Email could potentially cause information overload.
  • Email lacks a personal touch.
  • Email can be disruptive.
  • Email cannot be ignored for a long time.
  • Emails can cause misunderstandings.
  • Email messages can contain viruses.
  • Email should be kept short and brief.
  • Email requires timely responses.

What are the pros and cons of Electronic communication?

Electronic communications are quick and convenient. Electronic communication is fast, cost-effective and convenient, but these attributes contain inherent disadvantages. The technology that enables people to keep in touch at all times also can invade privacy and cut into valuable relaxation time.

What is the negative impact of the Electronic communication on society?

People are more bothered about their online life rather than the real social life. Has led to many addictions: People have literally become addicted to the Internet and cell phones, and this addiction has led to many anxiety disorders. People addicted to the Internet feel lonely and isolated.

What is Electronic communication in an organization?

Electronic communication is any form of communication that’s broadcast, transmitted, stored or viewed using electronic media, such as computers, phones, email and video.

What is secure Electronic communication?

“Secure” is a somewhat vague term, so here’s what a secure form of communication looks like: Private. Your information shouldn’t be viewable by any third parties. Hard to penetrate.

What are the disadvantages of digital media?

Disadvantages of Digital Media.

  • Digital Media Requires Skill and Expertise.
  • Increasing Competition in the Market.
  • It Is Time-Consuming.
  • Negative Client Feedback.
  • What are the disadvantages of electronic filing system?

    Disadvantages of e-Filing

    • You need to add statements or other attachments (e.g., PDF attachments)
    • You are filing decedent returns.
    • The “additional information” section on your form does not contain enough space.
    • You file before e-Filing begins (January 28) or after e-Filing ends (October 20)

    What are the negative effects of communication?

    Negative communication can lead to issues including inefficiency, conflict, poor morale and even legal complaints.

    • Lowered Employee Productivity.
    • Negative Communication Can Lead to Employee Conflict.
    • Dropping Employee Morale.
    • Increased Employee Turnover.
    • Complaints/Legal Action.

    How electronic communication is affecting business?

    Electronic communication allows businesses to work with experts from all over the world. This may result in lower overhead costs, increased job satisfaction and improved collaboration. Teams across the globe can connect in real time, solve problems and complete projects without being stuck in the office.

    What is E communication in business communication?

    In fine, it can be said that E-communication means the communication system where information is conveyed by the use of the devices of information technology.

    What are the problems of communication in business?

    Communication problems 1 Cultural differences. Modern workplaces are often more diverse than ever before, especially those businesses that work with international clients or employees. 2 Attitude. 3 Lack of motivation. 4 Listening skills. 5 Written communication quality. 6 Appropriate communication tools.

    What is an electronic communication?

    What is an Electronic Communication? Electronic communication can be defined as, the communication which uses electronic media to transmit the information or message using computers, e-mail, telephone, video calling, FAX machine, etc.

    What are the disadvantages of online communication?

    In this post, we outline eight disadvantages of online communication – some real, some perceived – specifically in the context of citizen engagement. Importantly, however, we outline strategies to overcome any shortcomings. #1. Text-based online discussion necessarily excludes some people (like all methods)

    Why is Digital COMmunication so difficult to understand?

    People can easily misinterpret digital communication , which often does not include vocal inflections, tone of voice, facial expressions, body language or other types of visual or audio cues people rely on to understand emotional meaning. Because people are emotional beings, you cannot eliminate emotions from communication.