What can I do with Samsung S4?

25 Samsung Galaxy S4 tips

  1. Interact with your phone using your eyeballs.
  2. Enable multi-window mode for true multi-tasking.
  3. Take a photo or record video with your voice.
  4. Get 50GB of free cloud storage for a year.
  5. Enable desktop view in the S4’s Web browser.
  6. Assign your own ringtone and notification sounds.

Is S4 good for gaming?

With the latest version of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 processor, the Galaxy S4 catapults itself to the top of the smartphone gaming heap.

Is Samsung S4 waterproof?

The phone has a high degree of dust and water protection (IP67), allowing it to be submerged in water up to a meter (about three feet) deep for up to 30 minutes.

What is the RAM of Samsung Galaxy S4?

SAMSUNG Galaxy S4 (Deep Black, 16 GB) (2 GB RAM)

Internal Storage 16 GB
Expandable Storage 64 GB
Supported Memory Card Type MicroSD
Phone Book Memory Yes

Does Samsung S4 have infrared?

Samsung’s new flagship smartphone sports a feature that’s becoming increasingly popular as of late: the Galaxy S4 will come with a built-in infrared LED and companion app that allows it to control your television and home theater system.

What is the RAM of Samsung s4?

Can you get Samsung watch wet?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters and 30 minutes like the Galaxy Watch 4 and other Galaxy wearables. However, Samsung recommends avoiding fast-flowing water and thorough rinsing and drying if you expose the Galaxy Watch to chlorine or salt.

How old is the S4?

Samsung Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4 in White
First released April 27, 2013
Units sold 40 million sold in the first 6 months
Predecessor Samsung Galaxy S III
Successor Samsung Galaxy S5

Does S4 support 4G?

One of the most interesting features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the ability of it to connect to LTE networks, more commonly referred to as fourth generation networks or 4G.

How do I use my Galaxy S4 as a TV remote?

To control your TV using WatchOn: Press the remote icon in the top right corner of the screen. If you want to control your TV, press the TV tab at the top of the screen. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up a list of additional controls.

How can I boost the performance of my Galaxy S4?

You can give your Galaxy S4 a boost by disabling some of the features that bog it down including S Voice, transition animations and switching off the lock screen lighting effects. With fewer apps and features to deal with, the S4 should provide the kind of performance you should expect from a quad-core handset. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial.

How do I use air view on the Galaxy S4?

The Galaxy S4 marks the first time Samsung allows users to access its Air View function without a stylus. Once you’ve enabled this feature under the Device Settings menu, you can hold your finger over an email in the email widget and be provided with the message’s complete heading and text.

How do I use the Galaxy S4’s dual camera?

With the Galaxy S4’s Dual Camera mode, you can shoot photos or videos with the back camera while capturing your reaction on the front-facer. To use the feature, switch to the Camera app’s Dual Camera mode, line up your shot and tap the shutter button. You can also created animated .gifs. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial.

Can I control my TV with my Galaxy S4?

Want to control your TV with your smartphone? The Galaxy S4 can do just that with its built-in IR blaster and WatchOn app. But before you can use the feature, you’ll have to follow the app’s setup process, which asks you for your cable provider, cable box brand and TV brand. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial.