What can you smoke on WSM?

Smoked Chicken Wings with Hoisin Glaze.

  • Teriyaki Pork Belly with Jasmine Rice.
  • Beginner Brisket.
  • Smoked pepper salmon.
  • Smoked Trout.
  • Apple-brined, hickory-smoked turkey.
  • Apple Smoked Beer Chicken.
  • Applewood Smoked Ham.
  • What can you cook on a WSM?

    A number of people have asked, “Can the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker be used as a grill?” The answer is yes! It has the same cooking capacity as the Weber 18.5″ kettle grill and can turn out a good grilled steak or burger.

    How do you get good smoke in WSM?

    Start closing down the bottom vents around 20* below your targeted cooking temp. Hopefully you are using a Maverick 732 or equivalent to monitor heat at the grate level. So…. let the cooker run until you get your targeted temp & Thin Blue Smoke. Could take an hour or a bit more.

    Can I use WSM without water pan?

    Guest. (except for poultry). The pan with or without water or sand does NOT inhibit flavor. I would argue that the lower temps 220-250 and longer cooks result in MORE flavor.

    Can you use a smoker as a grill?

    Tips for Perfect BBQ in a Smoker -Only turn the meat one or two times during the cooking cycle. -Keep the door closed as much as possible so that heat doesn’t escape and extend the cooking time. -Monitor the temperature of the smoker, adding more coals or adjusting the temperature during the cooking process.

    Can you have too much smoke in a smoker?

    While it is often thought that more smoke is better, too much smoke can be just as much of an issue as too little smoke. Because excessive amounts of smoke can cause food to lose its tender, smoky flavor, a smoker’s smoke should always be a thin blue color.

    Why does my smoked fish taste bitter?

    Some smoked meat tends to become bitter because of the formation of a substance known as creosote. Creosote is a rather thick and oily coating that covers the meat when smoking has gone on for too long.

    Do I need a charcoal chamber for the mini WSM?

    You don’t necessarily need a charcoal chamber for the Mini WSM, but it can help especially for longer cooking sessions. To make a charcoal chamber, purchase a 12″ x 24″ piece of expanded steel at the hardware store. Use a jig saw fitted with a metal cutting blade to cut 2 strips measuring 3″ x 24″.

    What can you cook in a Weber smoker?

    Dutch Oven Cookery In The Weber Smoker: Braising a lean moosemeat roast and vegetables in a Dutch oven inside the WSM, by Dean Torges. Octopus: Japanese-style “tako” smoked over Hawaiian kiawe wood, by Geoff Hamamoto and Kevin Kawahara.

    What can you cook in a Weber WSM?

    Baking With The Weber Bullet: Convert your WSM into a charwood-fired bread oven. Pizza, foccacia, and other savory items baked to perfection. From Dave Stamper. Dutch Oven Cookery In The Weber Smoker: Braising a lean moosemeat roast and vegetables in a Dutch oven inside the WSM, by Dean Torges.

    What can I use to clean the mini WSM?

    In the WSM, this is achieved using the water pan. For the Mini WSM, most people go without water, so there are any number of things you can use for this purpose, like a shallow metal pan or a terra cotta clay saucer. Both can be wrapped in aluminum foil for easy cleanup.