What Colour is BMW ferric GREY?

The lighter of the original 2 Anthracite colours which later became Ferric grey metallic Code A80, this has now become one of the most common anthracite colours in the range to date leading to many different versions.

What Colour GREY are BMW alloy wheels?

The general silver on BMW alloys is “Reflex Silver” (Colour Code: A44/BMW WA44 MET). A lot of dealers actually spray the alloys with Titanium Silver as it’s a cheaper paint. The grey on the latest alloys is “Ferric Grey II” (Colour Code: B55 MET/BMW WB55 MET).

What is the paint code for BMW wheels?

BMW Wheel Paint Codes

Chrome Shadow Silver A56
Decor Silver I A55 51911052671
Decor Silver II B20 51912180538
Ferric Grey I A80 51910441634

Does BMW use alloy wheels?

Alloy wheels are the most common type of wheel on BMW’s off the dealership floor.

What Colour are alloy wheels?

Although the majority of alloys you see on the road will probably be silver, there are a thousand different colours and styles for you to choose from. Black, for example, is becoming a very popular choice for discerning car owners, especially those with sportier models.

What color is Orbit Gray?

They are kind of a charcoal metallic color and quite a bit darker than ferric grey. The above examples of orbit grey look more like ferric grey to me.

What Colour silver are BMW wheels?

The colour code for BMW wheel silver is 144. Most paint shops should be able to mix it for you, either in a pint pot or a rattle can.

What color are alloy wheels?

Metal alloys typically change from black to gloss to gloss to dust grey, or to anthracite grey (the lightest metal color). Changing the wheel’s color is as easy as a couple of steps at home or at work.

What are BMW rims made of?

Your rims are anodized aluminum and in most cases clear coated…an abrasive polish like a metal polish will do more harm than good…for cleaning a good rim cleaner with any decent brush, to agitate the cleaner…for polish I would use a paint cleaner, its a chemical base and will not harm the surface…the rejex as a …

Can BMW Alloys be repaired?

Your repairing BMW Retailer, or their agents, will provide a 3 year guarantee on alloy wheel repairs.

What is the best colour for alloy wheels?

If you want to play it safe you can always opt for silver, the classic choice of rim finishes. Silver harmonises with every car colour, is low-maintenance and yet stresses the look of your car with its simple elegance.

Can you change the colour of alloy wheels?

If you want to freshen up the look of your car, one sure-fire way to make it look more striking is with painted wheels. Changing the colour of alloy wheels is a trend that is continuing to grow in popularity. Taking car customisation to new levels, there are thousands of paint colours to choose from.

Is there a ferric grey for BMW?

BMW Ferric Grey has two versions, this one is slightly darker the lighter version is FXWB123-1057. Our Water-based products are exclusively designed to be applied onto Powder Coat Primer and overcoated with Powder Coat Lacquer.

What color is BMW 554 chrome ferric?

BMW 554 GRAPHITE GREY METALLIC is found mostly on coloured wheels , made in Hungry possibley by Alcoa Available… BMW Ferric is a widely used colour, however there are many different versions and BMW Chrome Ferric is just another to add to the…

What is ferric BMW chrome?

BMW Ferric is a widely used colour, however there are many different versions and BMW Chrome Ferric is just another to add to the…