What Colour is humbrol 21?

List of Humbrol paints

Number Name
21 Black
22 White
23 Duck Egg Blue
24 Trainer Yellow

What Colour is humbrol 22?

Flat Orange
Download the Humbrol Enamel Paint Conversion Chart

Italeri Ref Colour Name Use Humbrol No:
4302AP Flat Orange 22
4303AP Flat Dark Earth RAF 15
4304AP Flat Middle Stone RAF 14
4305AP Flat Light Brown 3

What Colour is humbrol 71?

Oak Satin
71 Oak Satin.

What Colour is humbrol 74?

The hexadecimal color code #ffd65a is a medium light shade of yellow.

What Colour is humbrol 92?

Iron Grey , 092 Enamel Matt | Humbrol | 14ml.

What Colour is humbrol 91?

91 Matt (Black/Green)

What Colour is humbrol 125?

Humbrol 125 Us Dark Grey / #626f78 Hex Color Code.

What Colour is humbrol 83?

Ochre Matt
Humbrol Enamel 14ml – No 83 Ochre Matt.

What are the equivalent paint colours to Humbrol?

Quick reference paint conversion. Do you need to find the right Humbrol colour to match other manufacturers instructions? Look no further, equivalent paint lists are being added below. Flat Non Specular Interm. Blue US Navy Metal. Gloss Gold Metal. Gloss Brass Metal. Flat Aluminum Metal.

How long has Humbrol been in business?

For almost one hundred years Humbrol has been producing superior quality paints. Need some support or advice? We have you covered! Just click the link and let us help you any way we can.

What is the currency on the Humbrol website?

Currency: GBP Open/close sub menu Currency GBP EUR Location: UK Open/close sub menu Location UK US Website: HumbrolOpen/close sub menu