What do you put under footings?

You do need gravel under a concrete slab, footing, or patio. Gravel provides a solid foundation for your concrete as it can be compacted. It also improves drainage, preventing water from pooling beneath the concrete.

What base should I use under concrete?

The base in concrete construction is usually a form of crushed stone. Most concrete contractors want a mix of coarse and fine aggregate to create a compactable base that is going to be safe for settlement and drainage.

How thick does a concrete base need to be?

As a rule of thumb, concrete slabs supporting lighter weights such as paths, patios and shed bases will need to be 75-100mm thick, while driveways and garages need to be at least 100mm thick.

How deep should a concrete base be for a post?

– The bottom of the footings must be a minimum of 36” below finish grade level. – Footings must be a min. of 8” thick below post bottom. – Suggest footings be placed at least 48” away from the house foundation to avoid a back-filled area.

Is sand necessary under concrete?

As a general rule, stay away from using sand as a subbase. You’re better off using gravel; your concrete will last longer and have less of a chance of cracking over time.

Can you pour footing and slab together?

Monolithic slabs combine the foundation footings and slab into one piece, allowing them to both be poured at the same time and cut back your time and monetary investment.

Can you use broken concrete as sub base?

It will be fine.

Can I use sand as a sub base?

Simply put, sand isn’t sturdy enough to work well as a subbase for something like a driveway. With areas like patios, which don’t require a ton of load-bearing, sand as a subbase works fine, though it’s not as reliable as gravel.

Can you pour concrete directly on dirt?

Long story short, yes you can pour concrete over dirt.

Can I use concrete as a sub base?

As concrete is highly compressed and heavy, it may crack under its own weight if not provided a suitable sub-base.

How far below frost line should footings be?

12 inches
Depth of Footings Footings should extend to a minimum depth of 12 inches below previously undisturbed soil. Footings also must extend at least 12 inches below the frost line (the depth to which the ground freezes in winter) or must be frost-protected.

How many bags of concrete do I need for a 6×6 post hole?

How Much Concrete For A 6×6 Fence Post?

Depth 50 Lb Bags
18″-21″ 6
22″-25″ 7
26″-28″ 8
28″-30″ 9