What does an electronic taillight converter do?

A converter provides a trailer wiring connector on your vehicle by slicing into the vehicle’s electrical system. They are designed to splice directly into the taillight wiring, rather than plugging into an existing socket.

Do I need a powered tail light converter?

A converter is required when the towing vehicle has separate wires for brake lights and turn signals. Converters provide power directly from the battery, bypassing the electronics on vehicles that can not handle the extra amp load that trailer lights require.

Why do you need a converter for trailer lights?

Trailers use a 2-wire or combined system meaning the brake lights and turn signals are on the same circuit. A converter is needed to take the separate signals from the vehicle and combine them so that the trailer lights operating on a combined system will work properly.

Do you need a converter for trailer wiring?

What is a towing converter?

A Trailer light converter is an electrical component used for connecting the wiring of a trailer onto a towing vehicle. It is sometimes necessary because of the legal requirement for trailer lighting.

How do you combine brake and turn signal lights?

What you need is a converter to take the separate turn and brake light circuits and combine them. You will need converter # RM-732. It will take the separate signals and combine them so on the output side you have a green wire for right turn and brake and a yellow wire for left turn and brake.

What is an electronic turn signal converter?

The converter connects the electrical systems of your motorhome and towed vehicle; thus powering the taillights and turn signals on the towed vehicle. This will alert other drivers when braking or making turns, illuminating the towed vehicle’s lighting with the motorhome.

What is a curt taillight converter?

A CURT taillight converter splices into your vehicle’s wiring system and provides an alternative if custom wiring is not available for a specific application. Most converters provide a standard trailer wiring connector, usually in the form of a 4-way flat.

What is a tow hitch converter?

What is the black box on a trailer wiring harness?

A wiring harness with a converter has the black box built in it. Five wires go into the box, and only 4 come out. The converter transfers the brake signal on the vehicle into the left and right turn signals for the trailer wiring system.

What is a power taillight converter?

Power Taillight Converters units completely isolate the tow vehicle from trailer malfunctions. Power is taken directly from the battery for isolation and brighter trailer tail lights.

How does the 12V tail light box work?

Effectively, when the box “sees” power going to a tailight, it then routes power from the 12v supply line to the appropriate tail light. Ingenious! Everything you need is included.

What are the dimensions of a Hopkins towing solution truck?

Hopkins Towing Solution Hopkins Towing Solutions 1.45 pounds 8.88 x 5.75 x 2.88 inches Mexico 46255 No Smooth 46255 FDCG46255 Rear Manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from customer service.

Is there a turn signal kit for a trailer?

This kit is for cars in which the turn signal is a different bulb from the running light bulb, but the trailer uses a common bulb for turn signal and running light. Product works as advertised.