What does Dinlle mean in Welsh?

Fort of Lleau
This hillfort ‘Dinas Dinlle’ (‘Dinas’ meaning settlement, and Dinlle meaning ‘Fort of Lleau’, is said to be the home and the location where Welsh folk hero Lleu Llaw Gyffes, who’s many heroic exploits can be read about in the Mabinogion.

Is Dinas Dinlle Beach Sandy?

Dinas Dinlle beach is a long sandy beach backed by a pebble storm bank and split by a couple of rocky breakwaters at high tide. The beach is located on the northern coast of the Llyn Peninsula between Caernarfon and Pontllyfni and the views across to Llanddywyn island on Anglesey are great.

Can you swim at Dinas Dinlle?

One of the best things about Dinas Dinlle beach is the wonderful view across the bay to Anglesey and the Llyn Peninsula. Clean, safe and ideal for swimming, the beach has the prestigious Blue Flag Award and is recommended by the Marine Conservation Society for its pristine waters.

Has Caernarfon got a beach?

Without a shadow of a doubt this is Caernarfon’s most amazing and immediate beach. Best attended during low tide to reveal the sandy swathes of gorgeous beach. There are a great deal of fantastic walks, all of which have the most majestic of views available in a fantastic panorama.

How do you pronounce Dinas Dinlle?

Dinas Dinlle It’s Din-as Din-lle.

How did Dinas Dinlle get its name?

Early medieval occupation of this prominent site is also very likely; Dinas Dinlle takes its name from one of the Welsh legends of the Mabinogi and the story of Math mab Mathonwy and Lleu Llaw Gyffes, who gave his name to the hillfort Dinlle (‘din’ in old Welsh meaning fort and ‘Lle’ short for Lleu).

Where is Harlech beach?

Harlech Beach | Beach | Harlech|Gwynedd. BeachOverlooking Harlech’s huge, peaceful beach is a symbol of past conflict – mighty Harlech Castle, a World Heritage Site. There’s good access to the beach from a 440 yard/400m path from the car park close to the railway line crossing.

Is Caernarfon a seaside town?

Caernarfon is not well known for its attractions as a seaside resort. Although located on the coast, there are no beaches directly at the town. However there is a large beach at Dinas Dinlle only a couple of miles from the town, which is suitable for swimming and watersports.

Is it safe to swim at Harlech beach?

Swimming in the clear waters here is generally safe although there is no lifeguard presence and at times jellyfish can be found off this part of the coastline. The beach is popular with families and dog walkers, although there are restrictions on dog walking at certain times of the year.