What does FFF mean on Tik Tok?

follow for follow

What is a tieback in journalism?

Noun. tieback (plural tiebacks) A loop of cloth, cord, etc., which is placed around a curtain to hold it open to one side. (journalism) A newspaper rewrite or short synopsis of the information presented in the original story.

What does SS mean on snap?

Screen Shot

How do you use tie in a sentence?

Tie sentence example

  1. You have to tie the bales by hand, though.
  2. Here, tie the rope around your waist.
  3. They were all dressed for a white tie party in expensive tuxedos.
  4. He sat there, not in a uniform, but in shirt and tie , with a suit jacket slung over the chair.

What is ATM Snapchat?

Automated Teller Machine

What does T O stand for?


Acronym Definition
T/O Theater of Operations
T/O Table of Organization
T/O Train Operator
T/O Target of Opportunity

What does tie back mean?

To draw and restrain something back and out of the way. A noun or pronoun can be used between “tie” and “back.” I forgot to bring a hairclip to tie my hair back, so it kept falling into my face while I worked.

What is FFF stand for?


Acronym Definition
FFF Funeral for a Friend (song)
FFF French Football Federation (athletic association)
FFF Follow for Follow
FFF Fantastic Film Festival (various locations)

How do you use back in a sentence?

Back sentence example

  1. Do you have to go back right away?
  2. It was a long time back , before they were married.
  3. Turning the truck around, he headed back down the drive.
  4. Finally she drew back , breathless.
  5. Tell me what news I may take back to my poor boy.

What is the FFF challenge?

The FFF Challenge is a teams format – pairs of any gender – catering for beginners, right through to advanced athletes (yes you are all athletes!).

What does STM mean in texting?

Smiling To Myself

What is another word for back to back?

What is another word for back-to-back?

succeeding successive
sequential straight
consecutive continuous
successional uninterrupted
following nonstop

What does t/o mean in Snapchat?

Time Out

What does SFS mean on Snapchat?

Snap For Snap