What does it mean when someone has notifications silenced on iPhone?

This mode allows you to silence notifications from select (or even all) apps or contacts, and eliminate potential distractions while you’re working, studying, sleeping, etc.

What are mail badges on iPhone?

The iPhone uses badges to indicate that a new message, email, push notification, or voicemail is waiting. Each app with new unread information has a white number with a red background in the upper right hand corner of the app icon. This is a badge.

What do I do when my iPhone says mailbox is full?

If your iPhone keeps saying your Voicemail is full when you know it’s not, enable Airplane Mode and delete all the messages. Additionally, permanently remove deleted and blocked messages. If the issue persists, change your Voicemail password, check your voice mailbox again, and contact your carrier.

Does notifications silenced mean blocked?

If you have been blocked, or if you have blocked someone, then you would not be able to see if they have notifications silenced, and vice versa.

How do you unmute notifications on iPhone?

To see and hear these notifications again, swipe left on the notification in Notification Center, tap Options, then tap Unmute. Turn off notifications for an app or notification group: Swipe left on a notification or group of notifications, tap Options, then tap Turn Off.

What is the difference between a badge and a banner on iPhone?

Banners are the pop-up notifications you see while you’re using your phone. Below those options are two more: Sounds and Badges. Sounds are the audio tone alerts. Badges are the red circles with numbers that show up on app icons, for example, the one on your email app showing how many unread messages you have.

What are email badges?

Badge Count reflects all unread mail from your mail account(s), or just unread mail in your Focused Inbox.

How do I clear my mailbox is full?

Mailbox Cleanup is a one-stop-clean-up tool you can use to trim the size of your mailbox. In Outlook, choose File> Tools > Mailbox Cleanup. Do any of the following: View the total size of your mailbox and of individual folders within it.

Why is my email mailbox full?

The “mailbox full” error message simply means that the recipient’s mailbox is full (may have exceeded the memory size limit) and can no longer hold any messages. The recipient needs to delete old messages or move them to a different folder to make room for new messages.

What is a mailbox in Mail app?

A mailbox is a folder that you can use to sort your emails in. In the Mail app, you can use standard mailboxes—like Inbox, Sent, Drafts, and Trash—or you can create custom mailboxes. If you want the Mail app to sort your emails automatically, you can also use Smart Mailboxes. To find, create,…

How do I create a new mailbox on my iPhone?

How to Create a Mailbox on My iPhone 1 In the Mailboxes list, tap Edit in the top right-hand corner, then tap New Mailbox. 2 Give your mailbox a name. If you have more than one email account set up on your device, tap Mailbox Location and choose the account where you want to create a mailbox. 3 Tap Save, then tap Done. See More….

How to set up email on the iPhone 5?

How to Set Up Email on the iPhone 5 1 Navigate to the Settings menu on your home screen. 2 Click “Mail, Contacts and Calendars” in the Settings menu. 3 Select “Add Account” under the Accounts section.

How do I use smart mailboxes in the Mail app?

The Mail app automatically sets up Smart Mailboxes for you to use. To show or hide Smart Mailboxes, tap Edit in the upper-right corner of the Mailboxes list. Then tap the Smart Mailboxes that you want to see and tap Done. Tap a Smart Mailbox, like Today, to see emails that meet that criteria.