What does Nora mean when she says she lost her love for her husband?

What does Nora mean when she says she lost her love for her husband? She has changed and now understands things in a more clear vision. She had hoped that maybe she had misjudged her husband and perhaps that he would give up anything for her, as a display of his love.

How does Dr Rank die?

In the end, Dr. Rank dies of his illness at the same time that Nora’s marriage to Torvald dissolves. As Nora and Torvald separate, they receive the doctor’s card with black crosses in the mail, signifying his imminent death.

Why does Krogstad get fired?

Krogstad has a meeting with Torvald, where he’s told he’ll most likely be fired. He blackmails Nora to get her to talk to Torvald on his behalf. Krogstad gets fired anyway. So he shows up for another blackmailing session.

What does Torvald blame for Nora’s failings?

Nora confesses that everything Krogstad has written is true and tells Torvald she has loved him more than anything. Torvald blames Nora for ruining his life and his happiness by putting him at Krogstad’s mercy.

What decision does Nora make at the end of Act III?

Nora rejects his offer, saying that Torvald is not equipped to teach her, nor she the children. Instead, she says, she must teach herself, and therefore she insists upon leaving Torvald. He forbids her to leave, but she tells him that she has decided to cut off all dependence upon him, so he cannot dictate her actions.

What happens while Nora is dancing?

Agreeing to do nothing but instruct her dancing — not even open his mail — Torvald watches as Nora begins her dance, Rank playing the piano accompaniment. Despite her husband’s instructions, Nora moves more and more violently, dancing “as if her life depended on it.” Torvald suddenly cries “Stop! This is sheer madness.

What is the irony in a doll’s house?

A Doll’s House is filled with irony. For example, Nora is very happy at the beginning of the play by saying that her husband is employed in a higher post and they need not to worry about their future. But, all that was actually the expression of the hidden anxiety for the lack of money to pay off her debts.