What does the Celtic knot symbolize?

Celtic knots were used for decorations, as spiritual charms, and as teaching aids. With its association with nature and oak trees, the symbolic intricacy of the Dara Celtic Knot clearly represented strength. The symbol would be called upon by the ancient Celts to provide strength and inner wisdom in tough situations.

What is a pentacle knot?

Description. Ornamental knot with five-fold symmetry, forming an overall curved star shape inside circle (the knot has 15 crossings). Topologically equivalent to File:Quinquetra-interlaced-alternate.

What is the meaning of the Celtic star?

spirit life and eternal
The Celtic Star is an ancient Celtic symbol that stands for being, spirit life and eternal. The Celtic Star is an interesting Celtic symbol combined with the Triquetra and it is made up of a knotted triangular shape, which is composed of an unbroken, continuous line.

What does the Celtic 5 fold knot mean?

The Five Fold symbol joins the energies together, creating a perfect balance in the universe. This symbolism also denotes the importance of balance in a person’s life. Spiritual leaders in the Celtic faith always taught the Celts to tap into their deep-seated state by invoking the Five Fold symbol.

What is the Celtic symbol of female power?

The Triple Spiral
Triskele Celtic Symbol Engraved Stone The Triple Spiral is a sign of female power and represents the three goddesses. It represents the three powers of maiden, mother and crone.

What is ladder lace?

Distinctive lacing worn on military boots by paratroopers and others. The laces weave horizontally and vertically, forming a secure ladder.

What is the Irish symbol for love?

the Claddagh
Probably the most recognized love symbol, the Claddagh, comes from Ireland.

What are Trinity Knots?

The Trinity Knot or triquetra was used to symbolize and honor the Mother, Maiden and Crone of the neo-pagan triple goddess. It signifies the three life-cycles of a woman in relation to the phases of the moon. In more recent times, it has come to be recognized as a symbol for ‘The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit’.