What does xAd do?

Advertising Equals to the total cost of advertising, media, and promotional expenses as reported in the annual Compustat item XAD….XAD.

Acronym Definition
XAD Experimental and Developmental

Who is GroundTruth?

GroundTruth is the leading location data platform for driving in-store visits. Using its proprietary Blueprints technology, GroundTruth is able to precisely reach mobile users in the real-world and influence business performance.

What is XAD resin?

AmberLite™ XAD™7HP Polymeric Adsorbent is a macroporous resin combining high surface area with an aliphatic adsorbent resin structure. Due to its aliphatic nature, AmberLite™ XAD™7HP can adsorb non-polar compounds from aqueous systems and can also adsorb polar compounds from non-polar solvents.

Where is GroundTruth located?

New York, New York
GroundTruth is located in New York, New York, United States . Who invested in GroundTruth? GroundTruth has 10 investors including M12 – Microsoft’s Venture Fund and Institutional Venture Partners .

Where is the GroundTruth project located?

Boston, Massachusetts
The GroundTruth Project is based at WGBH in Boston, Massachusetts.

How does ground truth work?

In remote sensing, “ground truth” refers to information collected on location. Ground truth allows image data to be related to real features and materials on the ground. The collection of ground truth data enables calibration of remote-sensing data, and aids in the interpretation and analysis of what is being sensed.

What is ground truth marketing?

About GroundTruth GroundTruth is the leading location-based marketing and advertising technology company. Brands, agencies, small businesses, and non-profits trust our performance-driven solutions to help them reach consumers during moments of intent that generate important business outcomes.

Who funds the GroundTruth project?

BOSTON — Today, The GroundTruth Project, home to Report for America, received nearly $165,000 grant from the new landmark Fortune Journalism PleasrFund organized by a new partnership between FORTUNE Magazine, the digital artist Pplpleasr, and Endaoment, a community foundation and the first cryptocurrency-backed 501(c)( …

Who owns Report for America?

Report for America was founded by veteran journalists Steven Waldman and Charles Sennott, as an initiative of The GroundTruth Project. It is made possible through the support of hundreds of foundations and donors. (It is not funded by the government.)

What is ground truth prediction?

Ground truth: That is the reality you want your model to predict. It may have some noise but you want your model to learn the underlying pattern in data that’s causing this ground truth.

What is ground truth mask?

In Figure 3, the ground truth mask represents the manual segmentation and the predicted mask is the resulting output of the deep learning model. In the overlay-segmented mask seen in Figure 4, the original radiograph is superimposed with the ground truth mask in red and the predicted mask in blue. …

Where is ground truth located?

GroundTruth is located in New York, New York, United States .