What emotional state does Delia experience after discovering the snake?

After Delia discovers the snake in her laundry basket, she experiences “A period of introspection, a space of retrospection, then a mixture of both.

When Delia finds out what Sykes has in the box it is apparent that she?

Delia sees that the box contains a snake and nearly faints from terror. Delia pleads with him to take it away, but Sykes refuses. He says that the snake will stay there until it dies, and that it will not bite him because he knows how to control it, but it might bite Delia’s “skinny laigs” (1026).

Why do you think Delia stays with Sykes after he has been so abusive towards her?

Delia probably stays with Sykes after he has been so abusive to her because within that time period women did not typically divorce their husbands. She also has a personality that suggests that she upholds commitments and will bear through difficult times.

What does Meek mean in the Bible?

Meekness is essentially an attitude or quality of heart whereby a person is willing to accept and submit without. resistance to the will and desire of someone else.24 In the case of Christians, this is God.

What does Sykes use to scare Delia at the beginning of the story?

Delia is a washerwoman who works long hours in a small Central Florida village. Her husband Sykes does not work, yet he resents that Delia cleans “white folks'” clothes in their home. Sykes scares his wife of fifteen years by using her fear of snakes.

How much did Delia contribute to saving her marriage?

Delia contributed to saving her marriage by working and sweating for fifteen years.

Why does Sykes resent Delia’s work what is his reasoning?

Sykes resents Delia’s work even though it supports him, too. Because they are poor and Delia is a working woman, Sykes does not have financial control over her, and instead uses physical abuse to assert his will.

Do you think Delia is a meek or strong character Why or why not?

It seems that Delia, a “habitually meek” character, as is stated in the story, has endured years of domestic abuse from her husband, Sykes. She works tirelessly to take care of the family, with little, if any, input from him, and instead of being appreciative of her efforts, he beats and bullies her without end.

What does Delia do for a living?

The central character, Delia Jones is a hardworking but timid woman living in Florida. She provides for herself and her husband Sykes by working as a washwoman for white people.

What is the significance of Delia being a Washwoman?

In her short story “Sweat,” Zora Neale Hurston decided to make Delia a washerwoman to illustrate just how miserable and harsh her life is and has been. Her job is a metaphor for the abuse that she receives from her ruthless and unfaithful husband, Sykes.

How does the author’s decision to open with the bull whip scene contribute to the overall meaning of the story?

The scene with the bull-whip is important as it tells us a lot about Delia’s abusive relationship with Sykes. It also gives us an insight into Delia’s tenacity as a woman, and how she’s not prepared to let anyone drive her out of her own home. So once could see the bull-whip scene as foreshadowing this event.

What happens to Sykes at the end of sweat?

Sykes bring a snake into the house, hoping to scare Delia out. She finds it in the laundry basket and runs away in fright. That night, Sykes gets bitten by the snake. He dies, and Delia is free.

How does Delia feel about Bertha?

Which of the following best describes Delia’s feelings toward Bertha? Delia believes she can win Bertha’s sympathy by pretending to be blind and deaf. Delia has no desire to engage with Bertha and does not care to hear the village gossip. Delia envies Bertha because Bertha does not need to work for her own living.

How does the author choose to give exposition about the characters?

To give an exposition about characater(s) is like God giving life to a person. The author choses how its characters acts, look like, what they like etc. This choice contributes to the meaning of the story because what the characetrs act, influences the whole story and how it ends. Plz mark brainliest and say thanks!