What flowers will survive the Texas heat?


  • CORA® XDR VINCA. Cora® XDR Vincas are as beautiful as they are tough.
  • PENTAS. Pentas are known for their star-shaped flowers in shades of reds, purples, pinks and more.

What plants survive year round in Texas?

Great year-round plants for your Belclaire garden in Texas

  • Live Oak.
  • Cedar Elm.
  • Lacebark Elm.
  • Chinese Pistachio.

What plants will survive Texas winter?

Borderline species include Anacacho, possumhaw, persimmon, Japanese blueberry, lantana, Asian jasmine, Turk’s cap, wild rose, shrimp plant and Shoal Creek chaste tree, a local favorite that rivals the Mexican plum in our hood for spring showiness.

Do hydrangeas grow in Texas?

While some hydrangeas won’t take kindly to our intense Texas heat, there are certainly a few kinds that thrive in the Southern comfort of Texas. Oakleaf Hydrangeas are definitely the most popular kind in our region, as they can tolerate heat without getting too fatigued.

Do hostas do well in Texas?

Hostas excel as ground cover and add texture and interest to shaded sections of landscapes. Hostas can perform well in Texas as long as they are of the proper cultivar and don’t get too much scorching summer sun.

What are winter flowers in Texas?

Winter Plants in Texas

  • Pansies. A winter perennial, pansies are among the most striking and beautiful plants that thrive throughout even the coldest parts of the year.
  • Snapdragons.
  • Sweet Alyssum.
  • Petunias.
  • Ornamental Kale and Cabbage.
  • Winter Honeysuckle.

What plants did not survive Texas freeze?

Many agaves, cacti and other succulents won’t survive after the prolonged deep freeze and snow. A handful of species might have weathered the storm, and you’ll know if there is hope if you have a firm center inside the collapsed outer leaves. Sotols, Yuccas and Nolinas are usually Texas tough.

Can you grow peonies in Texas?

Texas covers U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 through 9. Tree peonies are hardy in USDA zones 5 through 9, and can be grown throughout the state.

Where should you not plant hydrangeas?

Growing Conditions Hydrangeas need well-draining soil and are best planted in a spot that gets morning sun and afternoon shade. Deep or constant shade is not suitable for hydrangeas, and neither is full sun. Pick a spot where your hydrangeas will be exposed to at least three to four hours of sun per day.

Will hostas grow in West Texas?

Hostas are by many accounts the most popular perennial in the United States. They are shade-loving plants that are grown more for their attractive foliage than for their spikes of flowers. Hostas are not commonly grown in Texas.

Are there any drought-tolerant plants in Texas?

Growing plants in Texas is not the easiest, and because of the dry heat, only the toughest, hardy plants will survive. Thankfully, there are a lot of drought-tolerant plants to consider for your garden in Texas.

Are drought-tolerant plants frost-proof?

Also, just because they are considered drought-tolerant plants does not make them frost-proof. Even one night of freezing weather in Texas can kill a plant, so be mindful of a plant’s needs during the winter time, that is, if you want to see them return the next year.

What are the best plants to grow in Texas?

Here are a few drought-tolerant plants to grow in Texas: Cape Plumbago (or sky flower) – A perennial with sky blue flowers that resemble phlox. Flowers in May until frost. Attracts butterflies. Can be used a groundcover or trailing. Best in light, sandy soils with good drainage.

Can any plant withstand a Texas summer?

While many of us dread the heat, which can creep in as early as April and exit as late as November, your friends with a green thumb rejoice at having a longer gardening season. But if you haven’t already heard (or learned), not just any plant can withstand a Texas summer.