What happened to Elliot Hope in Holby City?

On 22 September 2015, during the seventeenth series, Elliot departed the show after ten years. His exit was kept a secret to surprise viewers. Elliot was seen leaving Holby to be with his love interest Brigitte Nye (Sally Dexter).

Does Elliot Hope return to Holby City?

The latest to join the list of Holby City comebacks is Paul Bradley who returned to the hospital as Elliot Hope in Tuesday’s episode (15 March).

Who is Elliot Hope to Jac Naylor?

Stricken Jac Naylor’s beloved mentor Elliot Hope has returned to Holby – but can he throw her a lifeline? As we head towards the final few episodes of Holby City, fans were given a treat on Tuesday night when Holby stalwart Elliot Hope made a surprise return.

Was Elliot Hope a neurosurgeon?

Portrayed by Elliot Hope (born 23 June 1959) is a consultant cardiothoracic surgeon who worked on Holby City Hospital’s Darwin Ward from 2005 to 2015.

Do Jac and Fletch get together?

Others were devastated that Jac and Fletch never ended up together with a ‘happily ever after’ as the long-running BBC show drew to a close.

Does Jac survive in Holby?

Jac’s death felt visceral and immeasurably sad, much like the death of Holby as a whole. As the team mourned her loss, viewers could join them in that grief – for Jac, for her friends, for the end of the show, for the end of an era. Crucially, Jac died on her own terms.

Are Jac and Fletch together?

Is Jac Naylor coming back to Holby City?

Jac was written out in series 22 but made an unannounced return in the following series. Her departure was originally advertised as permanent but Marcel later claimed it was a publicity stunt. In 2021, the BBC cancelled Holby City and producers decided to end the series with Jac’s death.

Who is the father of Jac naylors daughter in Holby City?

Jonny later became a father when Jac gave birth to their daughter Emma, he was engaged to fellow nurse Bonnie Wallis (Carlyss Peer) until her death on their wedding day and was sent to prison after being accused of causing a patient’s death. Jonny later reunited with Jac and they left Holby together.

Is Jac Naylor dead?

In a very, very emotional episode, the Holby City team said goodbye to Jac Naylor (Rosie Marcel), who died after suffering a stroke.

Is Elliot Hope Still Alive?

Tonight’s Holby City ended with Elliot Hope (Paul Bradley)’s life hanging in the balance – and Jac Naylor (Rosie Marcel) in a state of complete breakdown in Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw)’s arms in the car park. It was a highly dramatic ending to what was a really gripping and, at times, difficult episode to watch.

What happened to Guy Self in Holby City?

Guy and Mo are called back to Holby City Hospital to help save Jac’s life. In March 2020, it was announced that Michie had reprised his role and would return during the twenty-second series. Guy returns following the privatisation of Darwin ward by external company Kestrel, which Guy has shares in.

Who is Elliot Hope in Holby City?

Prof. Elliot Hope OBE is a fictional character from the BBC medical drama television series Holby City, portrayed by actor Paul Bradley.

What happened to Dr Elliot in Holby City?

Elliot was introduced as a consultant surgeon and Clinical Lead on Holby General’s cardiothoracic surgery ward. His storylines have seen his wife Gina, a motor neuron disease -sufferer, commit assisted suicide, and his relationship with his children subsequently deteriorate. Elliot considered suicide himself,…

What episode of Holby City does Ellis Elliot join the show?

Elliot arrives at Holby city episode “More Equal Than Others”, when it is revealed he has beaten cardiothoracic consultant Connie Beauchamp to the position of Clinical Lead.

What happened to the Tan twins in Holby City?

Along with Elliot and Diane’s returns, Holby City will also revisit the Tan twins storyline, which unfolded in 2008 as the conjoined twin babies underwent separation surgery. The soap will pick up with the twins 11 years on as they return to the ward where their life-changing surgery took place.