What happened to Indian stock Market 2016?

Crashes of 2016 On 9 November 2016, crashed by 1689 points, believed by analysts to be due to the crack down on black money by the Indian government, resulting in frantic selling. The Sensex nosedived by 6% to 26,902 and the Nifty dropped by 541 points to 8002.

Which multibagger stocks to buy now?

Infosys1567.55-0.95% Hindustan Zinc321.900.11% Hindalco482.65-1.22% Indus Towers209.00-0.67%

  • High Dividend Yield. CESC. Polyplex Corp.
  • Godawari Power418.95-2.85% Sharda Cropchem622.15-3.48% CDSL1379.50-1.41%
  • Hindustan Zinc321.900.11% NMDC160.65-1.29%
  • Value Stocks. NMDC160.65-1.29% Sun TV482.45-1.80%
  • Which are the multibagger stocks in India?

    Tanla Platforms (3,320 per cent up), Share India Securities (2,532 per cent up), Khaitan Chemicals (2,496 per cent up), Vishnu Chemicals (2,291 per cent up), Adani Total Gas (2,204 per cent up), Nahar Spinning Mills (2,195 per cent up) and Globus Spirits (2,119 per cent up) were among other top multibaggers in the last …

    Which is the best multibagger stocks for 2021?

    Vedanta 407.85-0.12%

  • CESC. Polyplex Corp.
  • Godawari Power421.250.55% Indian Energy Exchg210.40-1.93% Sharda Cropchem645.003.67%
  • Vedanta 407.85-0.12% Hindustan Zinc323.350.45% NMDC160.35-0.19%
  • Value Stocks. NMDC160.35-0.19% Sun TV481.40-0.22% Aurobindo Pharma642.502.14% Marksans Pharma52.25-2.88%
  • What was the biggest stock market crash in India?

    Harshad Mehta single-handedly caused the 1992 stock market crash, the largest in India in terms of percentage. He was a broker who planned the securities scam and manipulated the stock market, which resulted in the fall. During that period, the BSE experienced a 12.77% leap.

    When was the biggest stock market crash in India?

    The stock markets in India collapsed on more than one occasions in 2007 and 2008 during the financial crisis of 2007–2008. The stock markets dropped sharply five times in 2007. 2 April 2007: The Sensex plunged 617 points to 12,455, it fell much more during the day.

    Is Tata Power a multibagger?

    Tata Power is India’s largest power producing company, with a market capitalization of Rs 92,600.94 crore. The company’s shares rose from Rs 104.45 on April 7, 2021 to Rs 288.85 on April 6, 2022, 3:30 p.m. IST, representing a multibagger return of 176.54 percent in a year.

    Which stock is multibagger in 2022?

    1] Sezal Glass: In YTD time, this multibagger stock has surged from ₹25.50 to ₹467.80 apiece levels, logging around 1735 per cent rise in 2022. In fact, Sezal Glass shares have delivered multibagger return to its shareholders in last one month as well.

    Which stocks become multibagger in 2022?

    Infosys1539.55-1.79% Vedanta 407.30-0.26% Hindustan Zinc322.900.31%

  • High Dividend Yield. CESC. Polyplex Corp.
  • Godawari Power416.00-0.70% Indian Energy Exchg209.85-2.19% Sharda Cropchem641.153.05%
  • Vedanta 407.30-0.26% Hindustan Zinc322.900.31% NMDC160.800.09%
  • Value Stocks. NMDC160.800.09% Sun TV479.15-0.68%
  • Is Tata Motors a multibagger?

    2] Tata Motors: This Tata group of companies share price history suggests that it has appreciated from around ₹185 to ₹465 in year-to-date time, delivering around 150 per cent return to its shareholders in 2021. The multibagger stock is trading sideways after making a closing high of ₹530.15 on 17th November this year.

    Is Tejas Networks a multibagger?

    Tejas Networks shares are one of the multibagger stocks in 2021 as it has delivered around 170 per cent return to its shareholders in last one year after surging from near ₹175 to ₹470 apiece levels in this period.

    Why did market crash in 1982?

    The intent was to break the inflationary spiral within the United States. But raising the federal funds rate also made it more difficult to borrow money. This helped cause the 1980-1982 recession and a national unemployment rate of over 10%. As a result, the Bear Market of 1982 could be called Volker’s Bear.

    How to find hidden gems in Indian stock market?

    Looking for stocks with less or no analyst attention is one way to find hidden gems in Indian Stock market. It normally indicates that the business will be less active on stock chat boards and people only come to buy when news comes out about that stock. You must look further back than the trends going on in this stock.

    Is Shriram Pistons˚ the first hidden gem multibagger stock?

    I have identified 5 hidden gems multibagger stocks that have generated returns up to 500% in last quarter. Shriram Pistons & Ring is identified first hidden gem multibagger stock in the list. Shriram Piston & Rings was listed on NSE on 9 th June, 2016.

    What are hidden gems Sto CKS?

    What are hidden gems sto cks? Hidden gems stocks are shares of quality companies with strong underlying business and growth prospects, but for some reason are yet to be discovered by the investor community. In short, hidden gems stocks represent quality businesses that are yet to receive investor interest.

    Are hidden shares a good investment?

    Stocks may be “hidden” since they are out of favour in the stock market and are monitored occasionally, if at all, by Market experts.Not all “hidden” shares are good investments. Although, There’s a good chance to buy them if there’s anything worth available and isn’t getting noticed in the share market.