What happened to the Iron Patriot armor?

Following the Chitauri Invasion, the armor was repainted and modified by A.I.M. to rebrand Rhodes as Iron Patriot. Following Aldrich Killian’s War, the armor was reverted back to its original War Machine name and design, and was used by Rhodes for Air Force missions and during the Battle of Sokovia.

Who uses Iron Patriot?

James Rhodes
The Iron Patriot armor appears in live-action films set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, primarily used by James Rhodes in Iron Man 3 (2013) and Avengers: Endgame (2019).

How much does a War Machine suit cost?

Price List

Upgradable Package 7,999 USD save 146 USD
Ultra-refined hand Repulsors lights with sound effect and vibration 349 USD included
Ultra-refined spandex bodysuit + Height-increasing shoe insoles 199 USD included
M134 Mini-gun (motorized, standing by status, combat status) 1,399 USD
Motorized back wing flaps 699 USD

Who owns the Iron Patriot?

Who is the Iron Patriot? It’s a simple question with an easy answer – but one that can only lead to confusion. That’s because the Iron Patriot is Norman Osborn, a villain best known as Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis and more frequently seen in his villainous identity of the Green Goblin.

What armor did Rhodey wear endgame?

The War Machine Armor Mark VII, is an armor created by Tony Stark for his best friend James Rhodes prior to the events of Avengers: Endgame. So far, it has only appeared in Avengers: Endgame.

Why did Iron Patriot change back to War Machine?

The letter states that Ellis enacts an executive order sometime after the Battle of New York in The Avengers to rebrand War Machine to Iron Patriot. He cites “optics issues” surrounding the “vanguard on the frontlines protecting” the American people being labeled as a literal machine of war.

How did Killian use the Iron Patriot?

Fire/Heat: The Iron Patriot armor was proven to be vulnerable to extreme heat. When Aldrich Killian used his Extremis powers to heat the suit, the suit opened itself and ejected James Rhodes.

Why did War Machine change Iron Patriot?

What mark suit is War Machine?

Mark I War Machine Armor
The Mark I War Machine Armor (also known as the JRXL-1000 Variable Threat Response Battle Suit) is the first armor given to James Rhodes, who used it to become War Machine.

Why does War Machine become Iron Patriot?

Where did War Machine get his suit endgame?