What happens if you delete the Do Not Delete chest in Skyrim?

“Do Not Delete” chests can only stack in groups of 11. Once a twelfth chest is picked up, it begins a new stack.

What is the purpose of the Do Not Delete chest Skyrim?

What Are The ‘Do Not Delete’ Chests In Skyrim? According to one commenter on the post: “It’s a placeholder item that lets traders have inventories. You aren’t supposed to be able to see it, but sometimes it glitches and appears. You’re also not supposed to buy or interact with it.

Do Not Delete chest Skyrim locations?

The Do Not Delete is an item with the appearance of a chest that can be found out of bounds in many homes and businesses across Skyrim. There are four variations of the item, and they are used by the game to set the player’s bounty for certain actions that may be performed during the Thieves Guild side quests.

Why are there secret chests in Skyrim?

The Skyrim hidden chests are perfect if you’re after a shortcut towards powerful gear and riches in Skyrim – making this an easy way to conquerer the early game. Each chest contains a random collection of weapons, armor, soul gems, potion ingredients, and trading items – all scaled to your level.

What is Do Not Delete not a test cell?

Do Not Delete – Not A Test Cell is a test cell accessible only through the use of console commands. Its walls are made of stone and the room is square with a number of Thieves Guild-related quest items lying on several tables.

How often do secret chests refill in Skyrim?

If you follow the video guide to the T, the chest will refill every 48 hours, sometimes with new stuff in it.

How do I leave COC QASmoke?

You go to your console commannds, which is the “~” (or the button under the “Esc” button). Type “coc qasmoke” and you will be in the Editor Smoke Test Cell. I hope this helped you.

What is QASmoke Skyrim?

The QASmoke dev room, named after its console command, is an area dedicated to testing every item in the game. Every chest in this room includes items of a particular category.

How do I get infinite money in Skyrim?

By taking advantage of some glitches in Skyrim Special Edition, players can amass 1 million gold in just a few hours….Skyrim Special Edition: How To Make One Million Gold At Level One

  1. 2 Repeat As Many Times As Necessary.
  2. 3 Jump And Open The Chest.
  3. 4 Get To Dragonsreach From The Outside.
  4. 5 Go To Whiterun Gates.

Where can I find the do not delete chests?

first, “do not delete” chests are in almost all, (if not all) merchant shop beneath the floor. If you use the platter wall glitch to clip out, you can see them as you fall into the void, as well as the chests that contain the merchant’s gear for sale.

How do I remove a stolen item from a chest?

Place your stolen item in the chest, exit the menu, then re-open the chest. Your item will be in red text, but notice that in the description box, the ‘stolen’ tag has disappeared. Also, it says ‘take’ instead of ‘steal.’ Take the item back from the chest and it is now no longer tagged as ‘stolen’

Why is there a boarded up entrance to Riften?

Riften is one of the few holds in Skyrim to have walls surrounding the town. While it has many entrances, one of them is boarded up for seemingly no reason. On the east side of Riften, there is an entryway into the city that is boarded up with wood.

How many entrances does Riften have to the city?

Few holds in Skyrim have walls that surround the city. Those that do typically have one entrance to the city. Riften is different from the rest in that regard. There are three entrances into Riften instead of the typical one of two. This is the only hold in Skyrim that has so many entrances.