What important person has Bernard invited to his reception Why?

What important person has Bernard invited to his reception? Why? Bernard has invited the Arch-Community-Songster of Canterbury to his reception because he wants to make an impression. 2.

Why does Bernard find his first date with Lenina so disappointing?

Why is Bernard disappointed that he slept with Lenina on their first date? He wanted to feel passion rather than it being meaningless. How does Lenina respond to his suggestion that it would have been better to have waited? She recites a hypnopædic leading saying people are happy because they do what they want.

Do Bernard and Lenina get together?

With these emotional urgings, Bernard and Lenina get together; however, Bernard is disappointed that Lenina does not wish to enjoy the beauty of nature and solitude with him on their first evening together. Instead, she views the night as perfect for Obstacle Golf, a consumer game.

Why does Bernard break down and take the soma tablets?

Appalled by the news, Bernard’s “theoretical courage” evaporates, and Lenina persuades him to take soma to calm himself before they fly off to the Savage Reservation. The chapter further clarifies Bernard’s very shallow attempts to be an individual and makes clear that he lacks the moral courage to suffer for freedom.

Why does Bernard not like Soma?

Bernard dislikes the use of soma because the drug induces a false sense of self. Soma is a drug produced and provided to the residents by the government. The drug is provided with the aim of suppressing people’s feelings and distorting their realities.

What is Linda’s existence now what will eventually happen to her?

What is Linda’s existence now? What will eventually happen to her? Linda is on a soma holiday at the moment and Dr. Shaw stated that such a heavy intake of soma would kill her in about a month or two.

What has Bernard gained as John’s guardian?

What has Bernard gained as Johns guardian? Bernard has gained popularity and a lotos women go after him. It shows that she is slowly changing and looking at nature and taking it in.

Why does Bernard treat the warden so rudely?

Why does Bernard treat the Warden the way he does? Because Bernard feels very self-satisfied with his call to Mustapha Mond.

Why is Helmholtz unhappy?

On the other hand, Helmholtz is unhappy because he feels that he is being stifled by the society around him. He has popularity in spades because he’s more or less the most attractive man in the world; however, he is unhappy with the restrictions that his society has placed on his thoughts and his expressions.

What type of character is Bernard Marx?

Marked as an outsider, Bernard revels in pent-up anger and disgust at those who reject him. To his social equal, Helmholtz, he alternately brags and whines about his anti-social feelings of rebelliousness, yet when faced with superiors, Bernard is characteristically subservient and cowardly.

Why does Helmholtz laugh at Romeo and Juliet?

Helmholtz loves the Shakespeare John reads to him, so why does he laugh at Romeo and Juliet? Helmholtz is a writer, and he loves the words that Shakespeare uses. However, he bursts out laughing at Romeo and Juliet because they have mothers and fathers, and they are fighting over who Juliet will marry.

Why does Lenina hate the color khaki?

Lenina hates the color khaki because it belongs to the Delta, one of the lower caste, made up of individuals of low intelligence who work in factories or as drivers of vehicles. As she is of a superior caste, she considers everything assimilable to the lower castes as ugly or unimportant.

What is Bernard’s punishment?

The Director explains to Henry that even though Bernard is excellent at his job, Bernard’s inability to fit into Society poses a threat to their very way of life. His punishment for these crimes against Society is to be fired from his present position and to be sent to a Sub-Centre in Iceland.

How does John handle Lenina’s clothes and make up?

How does John handle Lenina’s clothes and make-up? John handles Lenina’s things as if he were touching the relics of a saint.

What is ironic about Lenina’s comment?

What is ironic about Lenina’s comment: “And you feel so small when you’re on the ground at the bottom of a hill?” It is very ironic because you actually just as small as you seem standing next to the hill.