What injury did Michael Jordan have in 1985?

In the third game of the 1985-86 season, Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan broke his left foot against the Golden State Warriors on October 29, 1985. The shooting guard went up for a lob and landed flat-footed. Jordan missed 64 games and grew irritated since he couldn’t do anything.

How many games did Jordan miss to injury?

Michel Jordan: Jordan missed 64 games because he had a broken foot, but he averaged 22.7 points, 3.6 rebounds and 2.9 assists per game and shot 45.7 % from the field in the 18 regular season games he played.

How many games did Jordan miss in 1985?

64 games
And that’s despite Jordan missing over a season and a half to play baseball (and despite missing 64 games with a foot injury in 1985-86).

How long was Jordan out with broken foot?

When he landed awkwardly during the second quarter, Jordan suffered a fractured bone in his left foot that sidelined him for six weeks, and nearly threatened his career. That injury was a key point in the second episode of “The Last Dance,” ESPN’s 10-part series that focuses on Jordan and the 1997-98 Bulls.

Did Jordan ever get injured?

In his second season, Jordan broke a small bone in his left foot after he took a hard fall against the Warriors. He missed 64 games, the most in his career. While recovering, he went to his alma mater in North Carolina to play pickup and showed no signs of illness.

How many years did Michael Jordan play basketball?

Played 15 seasons (1984-85 – 1997-98, 2001-02 – 2002-03) in the NBA, 13 seasons (1984-85 – 1997-98) with the Chicago Bulls and two seasons (2001-02 – 2002-03) with the Washington Wizards. Owns a career win-loss regular season record of 706-366 (.

How many games did Jordan miss in 1986?

Interpreted as:

Michael Jordan 1986-87 1,181
Michael Jordan 1987-88 929
Michael Jordan 1988-89 829
Michael Jordan 1989-90 930

Why did MJ only play 18 games in 1985?

12: 1985-1986 His Airness played only 18 games due to a severe broken foot. Instead of sitting out that season, Jordan pushed management and the coaches to play for a playoff spot. He averaged 22.7 points, 3.6 rebounds and 2.9 assists on 45.7 percent shooting.

What year did Michael Jordan get rookie of the year?

Michael Jordan/Career start

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What is Michael Jordan flu game?

On June 11, 1997, Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan played in his famous “Flu Game” against the Utah Jazz in Game 5 of the 1997 Finals. Although it’s called the “Flu Game,” Jordan was actually suffering from food poisoning after eating pizza in his hotel room the night before.