What is a board of inquiry?

Representation Before Boards Of Inquiry The board of inquiry (BOI) is essentially an administrative separation board for commissioned officers. They are responsible for examining events, reviewing allegations and investigating questions of performance of duties.

What are the purposes for setting up a board of Enquiry?

A term used in contradistinction to a court-martial, to signify the meeting of a certain number of officers (who are not sworn) for the purpose of ascertaining facts that may afterwards become a matter of investigation on oath.

What is a BOI military?

A Military Board of Inquiry (BOI) is made up of officers who must be senior in grade to the officer who is the subject of the BOI.

What is a line of inquiry in an investigation?

Definitions of line of inquiry. an ordering of questions so as to develop a particular argument. synonyms: line of questioning. type of: argument, argumentation, line, line of reasoning, logical argument. a course of reasoning aimed at demonstrating a truth or falsehood; the methodical process of logical reasoning.

How do you conduct a board of inquiry?

Inquiry Process

  1. Plan.
  2. Gather evidence and notify respondent.
  3. Confer with the complainant (if any).
  4. Confer with respondent.
  5. Decide whether to handle inquiry personally or convene panel (to be decided within 10 working days after meetings with complainant and respondent).
  6. Conduct the Inquiry.
  7. Write the inquiry report.

How do you write an inquiry report?

delinquent in the complaint by quoting the name/address etc. of the complainant, name/designation of the Disciplinary Authority ordering the enquiry alongwith the date of order passed by him appointing the Enquiry Officer.

What inquiry report means?

Inquiry Report means the report generated by the Inquiry Committee.

What does BOI stand for in court?

A board of inquiry is comprised of officers with a senior grade to the officer under investigation. As with a court-martial trial, both sides are allowed to present evidence in favor of their side. The government is represented by an experienced military attorney known as a “Recorder”.

How do I write an army bio?

If you are looking for the best army bio format, you might want to follow this outline:

  1. Basic Information. This should include your name, rank, branch, your deployment status, date of birth, where you are currently stationed, and your hometown.
  2. Army History.
  3. Awards and Honors.
  4. Schooling.
  5. Ranking.
  6. Personal Background.

What is an example of line of inquiry?

My bedside manner, my gentle line of inquiry. I’m not a genealogist and I didn’t have enough time in Paris to get very far with that line of inquiry. An initial line of inquiry was that he was killed by a jealous lover.

What is a reasonable enquiry line?

The duty under the CPIA Code of Practice to pursue all reasonable lines of enquiry, whether these point towards or away from a suspect, may extend to material in the hands of a third party. being able to explain why it is needed.

What is an inquiry report?

An enquiry report is likely to be written by a police officer or other public authority figure who is taking a statement from someone who is making a complaint. The enquiry report helps an officer keep track of the details of the complaint so that it can be investigated and followed up on at a later time.

How does a board of inquiry work?

The board runs its own process. It considers all submissions, holds a hearing (unless no-one wants to be heard), and makes a final decision on the matter, independently from the EPA and the Minister. We provide administrative support services to all boards of inquiry.

When is an officer entitled to appear before a board of inquiry?

Officers with six or more years of service are entitled to appear before a Board of Inquiry. During the board hearing, the officer is entitled to present evidence rebutting the reason (s) for the adverse separation action.

How does the EPA set up a board of inquiry?

The EPA sends options for the chair and members of the board to the Minister for a decision. We request the local council to make suggestions for potential board members on behalf of the Minister. The Minister appoints the board of inquiry through the Appointment and Honours Committee process.

What is a show cause Board of inquiry Navy?

When the military service initiates an adverse separation action against a military officer through a Board of Inquiry, sometimes called a Show Cause board for Navy Officers, the officer is entitled to due process – notice of the reasons for the proposed separation as well as an opportunity to respond.