What is a bzImage file?

The bzImage file is in a specific format. It contains concatenated bootsect.o + setup.o + misc.o + piggy.o . piggy.o contains the gzipped vmlinux file in its data section. The script extract-vmlinux found under scripts/ in the kernel sources decompresses a kernel image.

What is the vmlinuz file?

A vmlinuz is a compressed Linux kernel image that is capable of booting the system and loading the kernel into memory. Eventually, it helps you to use your daily applications. Moreover, vmlinux is a statically linked executable file, which means the kernel supports object file formats such as ELF, COFF, and a. out.

How do I extract vmlinuz?

Extracting the Linux kernel image (vmlinuz) If you are extracting a kernel installed from your operating system, you can install the extract-linux script with your package manager. You will be able to find the extract-linux script at /usr/src/linux-headers-$(uname -r)/scripts/extract-vmlinux .

Is vmlinuz compressed?

Both the names vmlinuz and bzImage refer to a compressed kernel, and do not relate to a specific compression algorithm (no, don’t try to deduce anything from the prefix or suffix).

Is vmlinuz the kernel?

vmlinuz is the name of the Linux kernel executable. vmlinuz is a compressed Linux kernel, and it is capable of loading the operating system into memory so that the computer becomes usable and application programs can be run.

What is the difference between vmlinuz and Initramfs?

vmlinuz files contain the Linux kernel proper. initrd files are CPIO images, filesystem images. The boot loader is responsible for loading both the kernel image and the initrd image into memory. They both will be in memory, before the boot loader hands control over to the kernel.

What is zImage and bzImage?

zImage—Makes a compressed kernel using the gzip compression option. bzImage—Makes a compressed kernel using the bzip2 compression option.

Where is vmlinuz?

The vmlinuz is the Linux kernel executable. This is located at /boot/vmlinuz. This can be a soft link to something like /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.

Where is vmlinuz located?

The vmlinuz is the Linux kernel executable. This is located at /boot/vmlinuz. This can be a soft link to something like /boot/vmlinuz-2.4. 18-19.8.

What is the difference between’make bzImage’and’make vmlinuz’for kernel compile?

What is the difference between using the command ‘make bzImage’ and ‘make vmlinuz’ for a kernel compile? “make bzImage” creates a bzip2 compressed kernel image (in arch/ /build/bzImage). The kernel will be smaller, but might take a few seconds to uncompress on slow machines.

How to create vmlinuz from a bzImage file?

bzImage is then copied using the cp (i.e., copy) command to the /boot directory and simultaneously renamed vmlinuz with a command such as vmlinux: Plain linux ELF file just the way it was created by the linker, including symbols and everything.

What is the difference between zImage and vmlinuz?

The default zImage kernel had size limitations as it had to be loaded into RAM. All the kernels are gzip compressed. vmlinuz is just the kernel image name, you can change it anything (for ex: myKernel) as long as the grub/lilo knows it, you won’t have problems booting up.

What is bzImage and how to use it?

This is useful when trying to build a large kernel (especially 2.4 and 2.6 kernels) and use it in a situation where the size is limited (eg, a boot floppy). Thanks, I finally know what that means. Just to clarify for those to whom it may help. bzImage is NOT a bzip2 compressed image of the kernel. It is just the BIG zImage kernel file.