What is a CAEP AFI?

Accreditation for seven (7) years is granted if the EPP meets all CAEP Standards and components, even if areas for improvement (AFIs) are identified in the final report of the Accreditation Council. Area for Improvement (AFI): AFIs indicate areas which must be improved by the time of the next accreditation visit.

What is Caep accreditation?

CAEP is a professional accreditor because it reviews departments, schools, and colleges which prepare teachers and other educators. After completing a program, teachers seek licensure or certification from the state in which they wish to teach.

What is SPA standard?

Specialized Professional Associations (SPA) Standards.

What is CAEP Education?

CAEP (Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation). A nonprofit and nongovernmental agency that accredits educator preparation providers (EPPs).

Why is Caep accreditation important?

“Accreditation makes sure that educator programs prepare new teachers to know their subjects, their students, and have the clinical training that allows them to enter the classroom ready to teach effectively,” CAEP says.

What does EPP mean in education?

Educational Proficiency Plans (EPPs) National/International Tests.

Is CAEP recognized by the U.S. Department of Education?

CAEP is recognized as an accreditor by the U.S. Department of Education. It is the only accrediting agency for teacher preparation nationally recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

What does SPA stand for in Caep?

Specialized Professional Associations
SPA Program Review with National Recognition is provided by Specialized Professional Associations (SPAs). SPAs define content-area standards for programs.

How does Ncate describe a professional teacher?

NCATE believes that caring, competent, and qualified teachers should teach every child. Caring, competent, and qualified professional educators such as principals, school psychologists, reading specialists, and other professional school personnel should pro- vide support for student learning.

What are the 4 areas of EPP?

The component areas under EPP grades 4 to 5 are Agriculture, Home Economics, ICT and Entrepreneurship, and Industrial Arts.

What is the main goal of EPP as a subject?

EPP develops technical skills in agri-fishery, home economics, industrial arts and entrepreneurships. The mentioned areas are important skills that can arm us against this world filled with laziness and ignorance. They will serve as our bridges towards a brighter future and livelihood.

Did CAEP replace Ncate?

In 2016, CAEP accreditation standards were fully implemented, replacing NCATE and TEAC legacy standards. CAEP is currently recognized by CHEA and the U.S. Department of Education.

What are the National Educational Leadership preparation (NELP) standards?

The National Educational Leadership Preparation (NELP) Standards are applicable to program reports submitted through 2021. The new NELP standards were approved in 2018. Programs can use either the ELCC 2011 or NELP 2018 standards through fall 2020.

What are the 5 CAEP standards?

The CAEP Standards. The five CAEP Standards flow from these principles and the standards of evidence that define them are the backbone of the accreditation process. They define quality in terms of organizational performance and serve as the basis for accreditation reviews and judgments.

What did the CAEP board do in 2018?

The CAEP Research Committee was charged in 2018 with updating the research related to the CAEP Standards. The CAEP Board of Directors created a task force in June 2020, which spent months reviewing data and reports from the CAEP Research Committee and the CAEP Equity and Diversity Committee.

How often should the CAEP standards be updated?

CAEP bylaws require a review of the CAEP Standards every seven years. The CAEP Research Committee was charged in 2018 with updating the research related to the CAEP Standards.