What is a carte grise in France?

The registration certificate for a vehicle in France, formerly known as the “carte grise”, is an official document that identifies a vehicle. Every owner of a motor vehicle, whether it’s a moped, car, trailer or truck, must necessarily possess it in order to legally circulate on public roads.

How do I get a carte grise in France?

Once you register the ownership change to your name, you will get a temporary vehicle registration certificate (CPI) valid for 30 days. You will get your final carte grise by registered mail around one week following the approval of your request.

How do you read a French number plate?

The numbering system goes as follows:

  1. AA-001-AA to AA-999-AA (numbers evolve first);
  2. AA-001-AB to AA-999-AZ (then the last letter on the right);
  3. AA-001-BA to AA-999-ZZ (then the first letter on the right);
  4. AB-001-AA to AZ-999-ZZ (then the last letter on the left);

What is a GREY card in France?

The term “carte grise (gray card)” means in France the registration certificate. The French registration certificate (carte grise) is mandatory for French and foreign drivers domiciled in France wishing to travel on public roads in France or resell their vehicle.

What happens if you lose your carte grise?

In case of loss or theft of a French registration certificate (gray card), you can no longer drive on the public road with your vehicle or sell it. You must declare the loss or theft of the certificate to the French authorities and then request a duplicate.

How long can you drive a UK registered car in France?

Vehicles from the UK can be temporarily imported into France for up to six months in any period of 12 months. In order to stay on the right side of the law, the following documents should always be carried: Full, valid UK driving licence.

How do I change my carte grise in France?

Here are the papers required for a change of owner on the “gray card” (carte grise) following the purchase of a used vehicle, or a donation: A completed Cerfa 13750*07 certificate request form. Filled Cerfa 15776*02 form (document signed by the seller and you, « déclaration de cession »)

What does Department mean in France?

In the administrative divisions of France, the department (French: département, pronounced [depaʁtəmɑ̃]) is one of the three levels of government under the national level (“territorial collectivities”), between the administrative regions and the communes.

Where is Dept 30 in France?

Departments of France

Department Region (before 2016)
29 Finistère Bretagne
30 Gard Languedoc-Roussillon
32 Gers Midi-Pyrénées
33 Gironde Aquitaine

Do you pay car tax in France?

Unlike the UK, there is no annual road tax to pay in France, but you will have to pay when you change ownership and the cost can be quite substantial. And it also varies from region to region, as part of the total cost is a regional tax.

Can you sell a car in France without a CT?

Sellers are able to sell without a CT, but it must be stated on the paperwork (triplicate of course), and the car is not roadworthy, nor can you register it until it passes a new CT.

What documents are required for change of ownership of car?

Copies of new and previous owner’s ID (these need not be certified). Proof of new owner’s residential address (a rates account or any utility bill would suffice) The car’s original registration certificate, which the previous owner should provide.