What is a flexible curriculum?

A flexible curriculum means you have no required subjects. That does not mean you have no required courses. Instead, the courses that are required are for your major, minor, or cluster, with the exception of Writing 105 (everyone must take this course).

What are the different curriculum theories?

There are many different views of curriculum theory including those of Herbert Kliebard and Michael Stephen Schiro, among others. Kliebard discusses four curriculum groups that he calls humanist (or mental disciplinarians), social efficiency, developmentalist (or child study), and social meliorists.

How do you define curriculum?

A curriculum is a collection of lessons, assessments, and other academic content that’s taught in a school, program, or class by a teacher.

What is the curriculum theory function?

Despite the strong critical tradition described in the preceding section, curriculum theories play a normative role too. Curriculum theories have developed as acts following or counteractions against certain trends in society and education in general. They have also been used for their impacts on society and people.

What are the different types of curriculum in education?

There are three models of curriculum design: subject-centered, learner-centered, and problem-centered design.

What are the four curriculum models?

These changes led to the current 5E model: (1) engage, (2) explore, (3) explain, (4) elaborate, and (5) evaluate. In the 5E model, the curriculum is designed to allow students to explore scientific phenomena and their own ideas.

What are the features of a curriculum?

Quality Education requires Quality Teachers

  • 1.An Engaging Personality and Teaching Style.
  • Effective discipline skills.
  • Good classroom management skills.
  • Passion for teaching.
  • Knowledge of subject matter.

What type of curriculum is syllabus?

What is difference between syllabus and curriculum?

A subject syllabus is a unit of the curriculum. The two terms differ in a sense that curriculum is a combination of some factors which helps in the planning of an educational program, whereas a syllabus covers the portion of what topics should be taught in a particular subject.

What are the curriculum materials?

Curriculum materials are educational resources that provide curriculum and instructional experiences for preschool through 12th grade (P-12) students. These materials are used by educators to develop curricula and lesson plans and may also be used in actual instructional situations with P-12 students.

How theories are important in the development of curriculum?

Different learning theories provide a variety of interpretations of learning. Different learning theories lead to diverse orientations and outcomes in curriculum planning. Therefore, learning theories serve as a framework for guiding decisions during the design and implementation of the curriculum.