What is a Motogadget M unit?

The mo. unit blue is the digital control unit for your motorbike – the heart of the entire on-board electrical system. It can be operated using buttons or using conventional handlebar switches. It controls all necessary components on the vehicle while also performing fuse functions.

Can you use a Motogadget m unit in a car?

Motogadget M-Unit is sort of like a replacement fuse box for your car. You route all of the wiring through the m-unit and with the newest m-unit you can control a ton of things with your Android phone (push button start, how your brakes flash when braking, etc).

How do I turn off M Unit blue?

The running engine can be shut off in three different ways: a) Double-clicking on the engine start button Pressing the button again will start the engine again. b) Connecting a separate kill switch or a pushbutton at the “KILL input. If a pushbutton is used, the engine is shut off if the pushbutton is briefly pressed.

Does M Unit blue work with iPhone?

The modern Bluetooth® LE is used to couple the m. unit blue with the smartphone. This requires certain requirements for the smartphone’s hardware. Compatible with iOS 10 and up on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Can you use an M unit on a car?

M-unit Controller The starter is connected via a relay if its power is more than 350W. The number of ports and capacity is sufficient for the standard functionality of a passenger car. The M-unit works with any optics, so you can switch to LED lights and turn signals without any resettings or reconnection.

What is AM lock on a motorcycle?

m-Lock is an ignition device that completely replaces the mechanical ignition key and its function as an electrical switch. The associated digital transponder / key must be within an ignition distance of up to 5cm from the m-Lock key, and the motorcycle ignition and power are fully enabled without physical contact.