What is a MultiBody part in ANSYS?

ANSYS utilizes shared topology when bodies are grouped into multi-body parts and the solid(s) and surface(s) are touching or intersecting. A component in SpaceClaim becomes a multi-body part in ANSYS.

How do I merge parts in ANSYS?

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  1. Generate the geometries (click the thunder icon).
  2. In the Tree Outline, Ctrl+LMB (left mouse button) on the bodies you want to combine.
  3. RMB on one of the selected bodies (a secondary window will appear) and then click on the Form New Part option.

How do you combine parts in design modeler?

You can use “Form New Part” in DesignModeler if you want ANSYS MESHING to create a conformal mesh in-between all parts. This is useful if you want to apply different mesh option to each part, sizing as an example. Otherwise, in DesignModeler, Create->Boolean, then use “unite” operation to merge bodies.

What is form new part in ANSYS?

Form New Part does not create new bodies, so something else created them, it is good that you suppressed them. Contact can only be defined between Parts and cannot be defined between Bodies in the same Part, so after Form New Part, there are fewer parts, so fewer contacts.

How do I merge bodies in Spaceclaim?

To merge solids and surfaces

  1. Click Combine. A tool used to cut or glue geometry together..
  2. Select the target solid or surface. You can select objects for Combine.
  3. Click the Select Bodies to Merge tool guide or hold the Ctrl key.
  4. Select the solid(s) or surface(s) that you want merged with the target.

What does add frozen mean in Ansys?

The Freeze feature is an advanced modeling tool available from the Tools Menu. Freeze has two applications: it allows for an alternative method for assembly modeling with multiple body parts, and it allows you to slice a given part into several sub-volumes (for example, sweepable volumes for hex meshing).

How do you split bodies in Ansys?

Answers. Hi @as880 You can use “Split” tool under Design tab and select the stepped face to split the body.

What is frozen in Ansys?

How do you pull an angle in SpaceClaim?

Click and drag in the direction of the Pull arrow to create or edit a solid. If the correct pull arrow is not highlighted, press Tab or click the Pull arrow you want to use. Press Shift to snap while pulling. Press the spacebar or click on a dimension to enter a value.

What is slice material Ansys?

Slices bodies into multiple pieces. Active bodies in the Slice operation will be automatically frozen. This option is available when at least one body is present in the model. In this tutorial you will learn how to use Slice Material tool in ANSYS DesignModeler. This tool is widely used in 3D to create several bodies.