What is a ramification?

1a : branch, offshoot. b : a branched structure. 2a : the act or process of branching. b : arrangement of branches (as on a plant)

What is an example of a consequence?

A consequence comes after, or as a result of something you do, for example, “He was given a traffic ticket as a consequence of running the red light.” A consequence is a “result” or “conclusion,” and the Latin sequī, “to follow,” is part of its history.

What is an example of an unintended effect?

Adam Smith’s “invisible hand,” the most famous metaphor in social science, is an example of a positive unintended consequence. Smith maintained that each individual, seeking only his own gain, “is led by an invisible hand to promote an end which was no part of his intention,” that end being the public interest.

What kind of word is consequence?

noun. the effect, result, or outcome of something occurring earlier: The accident was the consequence of reckless driving. an act or instance of following something as an effect, result, or outcome. the conclusion reached by a line of reasoning; inference. importance or significance: a matter of no consequence.

What is another word for Bountiful?

Some common synonyms of bountiful are generous, liberal, and munificent. While all these words mean “giving or given freely and unstintingly,” bountiful suggests lavish, unremitting giving or providing.

What’s another word for unintended consequences?

What is another word for unintended consequence?

unanticipated consequence unforeseen consequence
unintended repercussion unplanned outcome
unanticipated development unexpected result
unforeseen circumstance

What is the difference between circumstances and situation?

A situation is a set of circumstances in which one finds oneself. And a circumstance is a fact or condition connected with or relevant to an event or action. To plainly put it, a situation is the thing that’s happening and the circumstance is the condition of that thing.

Can unintended consequences be positive?

Unintended consequences can be either positive or negative. A positive unintended consequence is an unanticipated benefit that emerges from an action. Adam Smith’s notion of the “invisible hand” is one example of a positive unintended consequence.

Which of these words is the best synonym for consequences?


  • result, upshot, outcome, out-turn, sequel, effect, reaction, repercussion, reverberations, ramification, end, end result, conclusion, termination, culmination, denouement, corollary, concomitant, aftermath, fruit, fruits, product, produce, by-product.
  • sequelae.
  • informal pay-off.
  • dated issue.
  • archaic success.

What does Barring unforeseen circumstances mean?

—used to say that something will happen unless something else happens. : other than (someone or something) See the full definition for barring in the English Language Learners Dictionary. barring.

What are some consequences for bad behavior?

Preparing to Make a List of Consequences

  • Don’t Make Consequences Too Long.
  • Wipe the Slate Clean and Start Over.
  • No Playdates with Friends.
  • No Screen Time.
  • Extra Chores.
  • Loss of Privilege.
  • No Access to a Favorite Toy or Activity.

What Does circumstances mean in a sentence?

The definition of a circumstance is a state that you are in, the details surrounding a situation, or a condition that causes something to occur. An example of a circumstance is when you are very poor. noun.

What does unforeseen consequence mean?

In the social sciences, unintended consequences (sometimes unanticipated consequences or unforeseen consequences) are outcomes of a purposeful action that are not intended or foreseen. The term was popularised in the twentieth century by American sociologist Robert K. Merton.

What is meant by unintended consequences?

Definition of Unintended Consequences: Unintended consequences are situations where an action results in a potential outcome that is not what was initially intended. The unintended results may be foreseen or unforeseen, but they should be the logical results of the action.