What is a Tenite stock?

Tenite was used by Savage Arms Company as a stock material for commercial firearms in the World War II era when walnut wood was reserved for military arms production. The 15,000 Savage Model 24 .22/.410 combo rifle/shotguns issued for the E series of aviator survival kits 1942-1945 had Tenite stocks.

What is a 301 shotgun?

Description. The Savage® 301 Turkey is a simple and incredibly reliable break-action, single-shot shotgun outfitted specifically for turkey hunting. The 26″ barrel features an extra-full choke, optimized for Federal Premium® Heavyweight TSS turkey loads.

Where is the Stevens 301 made?

The 301 series of break-action shotguns is manufactured for Savage Arms by Sun City Machinery Co. in China. Although many of the single-shot .

What are the parts numbers on a Stevens Model 94 Savage?

Savage / Stevens model 94 94B, 94C, 94BT, 107B,107C, 107BT 12, 16. 20, 28, gauge & 410 The illustration shown below was scanned off a Savage factory parts list, using factory reference numbers, which are converted to factory part numbers.

What parts are up for bid on a Stevens Model 94b?

STEVENS,Model 94B, .410 #5475 Mainspring Assembly. Up for bid is are Stevens Model 94 12 ga. lower receiver parts minus trigger spring and firing pin. All parts for lower receiver for a 12 ga Stevens model more 94 single shot shotgun. Everything in photo included. Please message me with any questions.

When did the Stevens Model 94 single shot come out?

This vintage Stevens single shot still does a number on the grouse each fall. From Bob Humble guns can have great stories, and this Stevens single shot surely does. The Stevens Model 94 was made in various letter designations from 1937 to 1984.

Is the Springfield 107b the same as the Stevens Model 94?

Same as Stevens Model 94 Bake Lite Forearm with Iron& Spring Latch USED Posted with Springfield Model 107B (Same As Stevens Model 94) – 12 GA. Barrel USED Springfield Model 107B (Same as Stevens Model 94- 12 GA.