What is ACTIVE Network?

ACTIVE Network® is the premier global marketplace for activities and events, connecting participants and activity organizers, while offering intelligence solutions through our industry-leading data and insights platform.

How do you call an ACTIVE Network?

We have locations worldwide to help better serve communities around the globe. Looking to join the ACTIVE family? Browse through openings on our jobs board. For human resources or employment verification, please call 888-543-7223.

Is ACTIVE Network a SaaS company?

Our SaaS technology platform offers intelligent and intuitive registration, secure payment processing, insightful data and services to help organizers drive increased participation and revenue while streamlining administration.

What is ACTIVE Network TX?

Active Network, LLC, is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Dallas, Texas, that provides software as a service for activity and participant management. ACTIVE’s management software supports a range of clients including: races, nonprofits, outdoor activities, camps, sports, schools, and universities.

What is the main elements for ACTIVE Network is?

An active network contains at least one voltage source or current source that can supply energy to the network indefinitely. A passive network does not contain an active source. An active network contains one or more sources of electromotive force. Practical examples of such sources include a battery or a generator.

Who owns ACTIVE Network?

Global Payments
Vista Equity Partners
ACTIVE Network/Parent organizations

What is ACTIVE Network registration?

ACTIVE Network processes payments for several types of activities, including but not limited to reserving a campsite or tee time, registering for a marathon or sports league, participating in a class, conference, camp or membership.

Who is the CEO of ACTIVE Network?

Evan Davies serves as the CEO / President of ACTIVE Network.

What is active network equipment?

An active network uses electrically powered equipment or components to route the signal from one place to another. According the transmission media used in the networks, there are passive copper network, acticve copper network, passive optical network, and active optical network.

What are active elements?

An active element is an element capable of generating electrical energy. The essential role of this active element is to magnify an input signal to yield a significantly larger output signal.

How do I cancel my ACTIVE Network?

If you wish to cancel your ACTIVE Advantage membership, you can do so in one of 3 ways:

  1. Email our Customer Support team at [email protected]
  2. Turn off auto-renew by: logging into ACTIVE.com with your Advantage account email and password. clicking on “MY ACCOUNT” in the top right hand corner of the site.

How much is ACTIVE Network worth?

(Reuters) – Event management software maker Active Network Inc ACTV. N will be acquired by private equity firm Vista Equity Partners in a deal valued at about $904 million, a little more than two years after it went public.