What is AfrikaBurn?

Many years later, here we are in South Africa with AfrikaBurn, one of the largest regional Burning Man events outside of the USA. AfrikaBurn takes place at Quaggafontein in the Tankwa Karoo, which is located in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.

When did AfrikaBurn change its name?

On 16 July 2008 the new name, AfrikaBurn, was officially announced via email. The new name preserves the identity of the event, but rules out possible negative interpretations by changing the name from something that happens (‘burns’) to Africa, to something that happens (a ‘burn’) in Africa.

What is AfrikaBurn’s volunteer days?

Volunteer Days (at AfrikaBurn’s workspace in Cape Town, and also in relation to the Streetopia event) AfrikaBurn’s aim is to be radically inclusive and accessible to anyone.

Will AfrikaBurn 2022 be sold out?

However with AfrikaBurn 2022 being much smaller than 2019 we do expect General Sales Tickets to sell out within hours. If you are determined to attend AfrikaBurn in 2022 then please consider buying the Mayday or New Horizons Ticket option … or joining an art crew for Direct Distribution Tickets.

What can you buy at AF Afrika Burn?

AfrikaBurn is for pedestrians and bicycles only. Unless it’s an art car or emergency vehicle, it’s parked from arrival until departure. There’s nothing to buy – and no-one’s selling anything – except one item: ice. For anything else, your money’s no good in Tankwa Town.

What should you not do at AfrikaBurn?

This is because AfrikaBurn is decommodified zone with a gift economy, where gifts are given without an expectation of anything in return. If you have plans to promote or market any kind of branded product (or take photos or videos of a product or service) at the event, rather don’t.

Why should you donate to AfrikaBurn?

For those that have the ability to access AfrikaBurn tickets early, a generous donation is included that allows AfrikaBurn to facilitate the community who actualize the amazing creative projects you see at AfrikaBurn, whilst still making tickets available to others who have less means, to also be able to attend AfrikaBurn.

What is AfrikaBurn’s refund policy?

For example, a Kids’ Ticket at R499 would get a 75% refund if AfrikaBurn is cancelled on the 30th January 2022 – equalling a R374 refund (minus any transaction fees). By purchasing this ticket, you agree to AfrikaBurn’s limited refund policy.

What is the difference between AfrikaBurn and Burning Man?

It sees about 10,000 visitors (compared to Burning Man’s 70,000). It has grown from about 1000 visitors at the first Afrikaburn in 2007. Burns are festivals like no other – rather than being a festival that is put on for attendees (like a music festival), it is a gathering created by participants.

What is AfrikaBurn 2020?

Afrikaburn is Africa’s only regional burn. In this in-depth guide, you’ll learn what Afrikabrun is, what to expect, wear and pack (plus a photo gallery!). Afrikaburn 2020 will be April 27th through May 3rd, 2020 and the theme is Afroboratory. Afrikaburn overview (and what is a burn)? Preparing for Afrikaburn – what to expect?