What is an intake form for massage?

Client intake forms are very important for a massage therapist. The form indicates can reveal the client’s preferences as well as any possible complications that may arise during the massage. This level of understanding, along with a great massage, will keep clients coming back for more.

What type of massage is best for cancer patients?

Gentle massage is tolerated by most people with cancer, and is sufficient to release “endorphins,” the “feel good” chemicals released by the brain that can reduce pain. For those who have muscle tightness and stiffness, stronger methods of massage, such as Swedish massage, may be needed.

What is an oncology massage?

Oncology massage uses light touch and slow, steady movements, working with the central nervous system to help the body relax.” She recommends finding a massage therapist specifically trained in oncology massage.

Is it possible to give a massage to a cancer patient?

Yes, medical studies conducted have shown evidence that massages can help cancer patients both after and during treatment. Massage therapy can help cancer patients counteract both emotional and physical side effects that traditional treatment options can impose on your body.

Can you consider client intake form a legal document why?

A well-constructed legal client intake form is essential to your overall intake process. It allows you to gather the information needed to effectively identify and capture new clients. Ultimately, that is the goal every time someone calls or submits a web form to your law firm.

What information have you included in making client intake form for massage?

At the outset, the Massage Therapy Intake Form contains the client’s contact information. This includes a contact number, email address, home address, additional phone numbers and date of birth.

Can cancer patients get lymphatic massage?

Oncology massage therapists are specially trained to adjust pressure, speed, duration and direction of strokes to provide a safe session for a person with cancer at any stage of disease. Some types of massage can reduce lymphoedema (swelling caused by a build-up of lymph fluid).

Why is oncology massage important?

Review of the scientific literature indicates oncology massage helps improve quality of life. Benefits include improved relaxation, sleep, and immune function as well as relieving anxiety, pain, fatigue and nausea.

What are the benefits of oncology massage?

Who are the founders of oncology massage?

Founded in 2005 by Dr. Christine Hrountas and massage therapist Johnnette du Rand Kelly, Greet the Day got its start offering spa services to cancer patients nearing the end of their treatment.

What happens if you massage a tumor?

There is no credible evidence that massage spreads cancer. In fact, many cancer patients find massage helpful, improving their overall psychological wellbeing and relieving some symptoms related to treatment.

Can you get a massage while on chemotherapy?

Some other general guidelines suggested by Salvo include: Postpone massage after chemotherapy for at least one day, as this treatment often leaves people feeling especially tired. “I wouldn’t massage the day before or the day after a chemotherapy treatment,” Salvo said.