What is another way to say cost conscious?

What is another word for cost-conscious?

sparing miserly
avaricious thrifty
stingy uncharitable
frugal tight
mingy skinflinty

What is the meaning of cost conscious?

having an awareness of costs
or cost conscious (ˈkɒstkɒnʃəs ) adjective. having an awareness of costs; careful about spending.

What’s another synonym for conscious?

Some common synonyms of conscious are alive, awake, aware, cognizant, and sensible. While all these words mean “having knowledge of something,” conscious implies that one is focusing one’s attention on something or is even preoccupied by it.

What is another word for cost benefit?

What is another word for cost-benefit analysis?

benefit-cost analysis benefit costs analysis
risk analysis risk study
CBA weighing of the pros and cons
consideration of the advantages and disadvantages

What does cost sensitive mean?

Key Takeaways. Price sensitivity is the degree to which demand changes when the cost of a product or service changes. Price sensitivity is commonly measured using the price elasticity of demand, which states that some consumers won’t pay more if a lower-priced option is available.

What is an effective and cost effective?

When something is effective it is about doing the right things. When something is efficient it’s about doing things right. You may be paying more but you will be getting the right final result when you focus on cost effectiveness.

What is the cost constraint?

The cost constraint is a GAAP constraint which stipulates that the benefits of reporting financial information should justify and be greater than the costs imposed on supplying it.

What is the opposite of consciously?

Opposite of done or performed with a purpose or intent. inadvertently. unconsciously. unintentionally. unknowingly.

How do you say this word conscious?

  1. con·​scious | \ ˈkän-shəs \
  2. con·​scious | \ ˈkän-chəs \
  3. Other Words from conscious. consciously \ -​lē \ adverb.

What is another phrase meaning marginal cost?

Marginal cost refers to the increase or decrease in the cost of producing one more unit or serving one more customer. It is also known as incremental cost.

What means cost comparison?

cost comparison. noun [ C or U ] the process of comparing the price of different products or services: We carried out a cost comparison of the different approaches.

Is the customer price sensitive?

Price sensitivity can be defined as the consciousness of the customers to cost windows or range within which they make dealings. All the customers are always cost sensitive and concentrate basically to buy products on cheap rates. However, cost sensitivity of a customer substantially depends on condition of the market.