What is considered falsework?

Falsework includes steel or timber beams, girders, posts, foundations, and any proprietary equipment including modular shoring frames, post shores, and horizontal shoring. The term “falsework” is typically associated with the construction of cast-in-place concrete structures, particularly bridge structures.

What are falsework plans?

Falsework is the temporary construction used to support the permanent structure until it becomes self- supporting [AASHTO-Temp 1.3]. Structural supports on the soffit of a bridge deck and slab overhangs are considered falsework [AASHTO-Temp 3.1. 3].

What is bridge falsework?

Falsework is defined as any construction used to support vertical loads for another structure until it becomes self-supporting. It is commonly used when supporting girders or arch bridges. If falsework’s job is to support, then formwork’s job is to mold.

What is falsework and formwork?

Falsework – or shoring, in some regions – is a temporary structure that is used to support formwork in a horizontal position, using elements such as props and scaffolding.

What are the 4 different categories of falsework?

Types of Falsework

  • Shorbrace Frame.
  • Shorebrace Telescopic Frame.
  • Vertical Frame Connector.
  • U Head Jack.
  • Cross Bracing.
  • Shorbrace Frame.

Who is responsible for falsework?

It is the contractor’s responsibility to comply with all Cal-OSHA requirements; however, the field engineer inspecting the falsework should be familiar with the Cal-OSHA Construction Safety Orders §1717, Falsework and Vertical Shoring. See Section 9-3.21, Cal-OSHA Requirements.

What is the difference between scaffolding and falsework?

is that scaffold is a structure made of scaffolding, for workers to stand on while working on a building while falsework is (engineering) a temporary framework used in the building of bridges and arched structures in order to hold items in place until the structure is able to support itself.

Is falsework and scaffolding the same?

What are the types of materials used in formworks and falsework?

Different Formwork Materials

  • Timber.
  • Plywood.
  • Steel.
  • Aluminum.
  • Plastics.
  • Magnesium.
  • Fabric.

What does falsework means in case of bridge construction?

Falsework Means The temporary structure used to support a permanent structure, material, plant, equipment, and people until the construction of the permanent structure has advanced to the stage where it is self-supporting.

What are the 6 requirements for quality formwork?

Requirements of good formwork

  • Strong enough to withstand dead and live loads.
  • Capable of retaining its shape by being efficiently propped and braced horizontally and vertically.
  • Joints should prevent leakage of cement grout.
  • Should be capable of being removed in various parts without damaging the concrete.