What is famous in Uttar Dinajpur?

It is a midsized village situated in the Uttar Dinajpur District. It is famous for clay/teracotta works and the clay used for decoration comes from the tea gardens. The craftsmen make tiles and tubs for small plants. Some of them also make telephone stands, lampshades, fancy idols and decorative tiles.

Is Raiganj a real village?

Raiganj is a Town and Subdivision in Uttar Dinajpur District of West Bengal. According to census 2011 information the sub-district code of Raiganj Block (CD) is 02196. Total area of raiganj subdivision is 488 km² including 482.38 km² rural area and 5.94 km² urban area.

Why is Raiganj famous?

Raiganj is known for Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary (also called the Kulik Bird Sanctuary), home to a large population of Asian openbills and other waterbirds and it is the largest bird sanctuary in Asia.

How many Muslims are in Uttar Dinajpur?

As per official census 2011 and population data 2022 of Uttar Dinajpur district, Muslim are majority in Uttar Dinajpur state. Total population of Uttar Dinajpur district is 3,007,134 as per census 2011. Muslims constitutes 49.92% of Uttar Dinajpur population.

Who is DM of Uttar Dinajpur?

Shri Arvind Kumar Mina
Districts and Local Govt

Name of District Name E-Mail
Purba Medinipur Shri Purnendu Kumar Maji [email protected]
Purulia Shri Rahul Majumder [email protected], dmpuruliawb @gmail.com
South 24 Parganas Dr. P. Ulaganathan [email protected], dm.south24@ gmail.com
Uttar Dinajpur Shri Arvind Kumar Mina [email protected]

How many people are in Uttar Dinajpur?

District Profile

Area 3142 sq KM
Population per SqKM (2011 Census) 956
Growth Rate 22.90%
Total SC Population (2011 Census) 847950 (28.26%)
Total ST Population (2011 Census) 162816 (5.43%)

How many GP is Raiganj?

Raiganj CD Block has an area of 472.13 km2.It has 1 panchayat samity, 14 gram panchayats, 279 gram sansads (village councils), 222 mouzas and 221 inhabited villages.

What is the state of Raiganj?

West BengalRaiganj / State

Why is Dinajpur famous?

Dinajpur is famous for rice production. ‘Katharivog’ rice is one of the best produced rice in Bangladesh. Dinajpur is also rich with wheat production. The Lychee (fruit) of Dinajpur is the best of Bangladesh.

Who is the first IAS officer in Uttar Dinajpur?

Manzar Anjum
He is the first to clear IAS from Uttar Dinajpur.

What does UT Dinajpur mean?

Uttar Dinajpur ( Bengali pronunciation: [utor dinadʒpur]) or উত্তর দিনাজপুর is a district of the Indian state of West Bengal. Created on 1 April 1992 by the division of the erstwhile West Dinajpur district, it comprises two subdivisions: Raiganj and Islampur.

What is the population of Uttar Dinajpur in 2011 census?

Its population growth rate over the decade 2001-2011 was 22.9%. Uttar Dinajpur has a sex ratio of 936 females for every 1000 males, and a literacy rate of 60.13%. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes make up 26.87% and 5.41% of the population respectively. 2,644,906 were rural and 362,228 were urban.

What is the name of the police station in Uttar Dinajpur?

Raiganj Police Station. District Police. Retrieved 16 January 2019. ^ “Uttar Dinajpur District Police”. Raiganj Women Police Station. District Police. Retrieved 16 January 2019. ^ “District Census Handbook Uttar Dinajpur, Series 20, Part XII A” (PDF). Map of Uttar Dinajpur district on the fifth page.

What is the history of Dinajpur?

Some areas later forming a part of Uttar Dinajpur were parts of kingdoms in Nepal. Dinajpur district was constituted by the British in 1786, with a portion of the estate of Dinajpur Raj.