What is Flexera Software used for?

Flexera can handle large enterprise deployments; it is used to discover, verify, validate and document vulnerabilities in more than 55,000 products. Pro: Flexera uses Vulnerability Intelligence by Secunia Research.

Does flexera integration with ServiceNow?

Flexera’s FlexNet Manager Suite solution has a certified integration with ServiceNow. By providing license management data to ServiceNow, FlexNet Manager Suite enhances a number of ITSM processes, including: Capacity, Change, Configuration, Problem, Performance, and Request Management.

Is flexera agent based?

Flexera is now positioned to help customers solve these common business problems. What do our agent-based discovery capabilities include: Image and container discovery. Event based individual container scan.

What is flexera RightScale?

RightScale was a company that sold software as a service for cloud computing management for multiple providers. The company was based in Santa Barbara, California. It was acquired by Flexera Software in 2018.

What type of company is Flexera?

American computer software company
Flexera is an American computer software company based in Itasca, Illinois.

How long has Flexera been in business?

Flexera was founded in 2008 and has bought 12 companies along the way, including five in the last couple of years, according to Crunchbase data.

What is flexera inventory Manager?

Process inventory data automatically through Flexera’s Application Recognition Library, which translates raw inventory into commercially available product titles. Flexera integrates with existing inventory solutions like Microsoft, ServiceNow, IBM and BMC to collect software evidence.

What is Remedy Asset Management?

The Remedy Asset Management application enables IT professionals to track and manage enterprise configuration items (CIs) — and their changing relationships — throughout the entire asset life cycle.

Who bought RightScale?

Flexera Acquires Top Multi-Cloud Management Provider, RightScale; Strengthens Total IT Asset Optimization Suite. Flexera announced today it has acquired RightScale, the recognized industry leader in multi-cloud management and cost optimization.

Is Flexera a US company?

Flexera is an American computer software company based in Itasca, Illinois.

How much is Flexera worth?

Sources told TechCrunch the price was $2.85 billion.

Did Flexera get bought out?

Thoma Bravo must really like Flexera, an IT asset management company out of Chicago. The private equity firm bought the company for the second time today.