What is Granitgard?

Granitgard is a natural, non-toxic graded stone. The Granitgard system offers long-life, non toxic protection from termites. It uses durable materials to form tough termite barriers that provide a safe and effective alternative to the use of dangerous residual poisons or less sturdy physical barrier systems.

What is Kordon termite protection?

Kordon is a termite management system combining a physical blanket and termite repellency. Its flexibility and toughness makes it ideal for all commercial and residential constructions. Installation is done by installers trained and approved by Bayer and the product is backed by a Bayer Kordon Warranty.

What is a physical termite barrier?

Physical barriers are built into the design of the property to prevent termites from entering your home. This barrier generally consists of mesh webbing that is placed underneath the slab of the house.

How does termite barrier work?

They work by attracting any termites in a 3 to 5-meter area of the station to the home. Once they find the station there is a source of timber for them to eat. Your pest controller then simply comes around and checks it every 2 to 3 Months to see if there is activity.

Can termites live in gravel?

Install Pea Gravel around the Foundation of Your Home Install 8-10 inches of pea gravel next to the foundation of your home to keep your mulch from touching your home’s foundation. Termites have a terrible time tunneling through pea gravel.

What is Trithor?

TRITHOR is an exceptionally tough and flexible termite security system, with proven performance that doesn’t cost the earth. Our unique Thermo-compression Technology™ then locks the deltamethrin into the inner core before it is laminated top and bottom with a rugged plastic membrane.

How do you install a termite barrier?

The actual barrier is then installed via way of digging a trench around the perimeter of the building, approximately 300mm wide and deep enough to expose the footings of the building. This trench is then injected with a termiticide chemical compound mixed with water that binds with the soil.

What is the best termite barrier?

The most effective termite treatment for slab homes without a doubt is a chemical barrier. We use and recommend Termidor as it provides 8 year protection for your home.

How long does a chemical termite barrier last?

eight years
Today a full chemical termite barrier lasts as long as eight years. Though some chemical treatments only last a few years. The length of service depends on the type of chemical, the way it’s applied to the soil and any treatment limitations that may apply.

How long do termite chemical barriers last?

How deep are termite barriers?

The specialist digs a trench around the perimeter of the home, and then injects a special chemical substance that binds with the soil. The trench should be about 30 cm wide and deep.