What is Hyundai Porter?

The Hyundai Porter (Hangul:현대 포터), also known as the Hyundai H-100, is a cabover truck produced by the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai since 1977. Hyundai Porter. Overview. Manufacturer.

What is H100 vehicle?

The H-100 is Hyundai Philippines’s light truck that is small in size but big in versatility. Its cab isn’t like any other light-duty commercial vehicles in the local market, as it has a hint of the style of a passenger vehicle embedded onto it.

What is the engine of Hyundai H100?

Hyundai H-100 Specifications The top variant of H-100 is powered by the 2.5 CRDi GL 6M/T (Dsl, With A/C) a 2497 cc, 4 cylinder Diesel engine that fires 128 hp of power and 255 Nm torque. The 3 seater. For added safety are provided central locking & power door locks.

How many Litres of oil does a Hyundai H100 take?

Hyundai H100 10w 40 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil – Petrol & Diesel Engines – 5 Litres.

What is D4CB engine?

The Hyundai A engine also known by its engine code D4CB is a 2.5L diesel 4-cylinder automobile engine produced by Hyundai Motor Group from 2002 up to the present. This is one of the first diesel engines designed and developed solely by Hyundai without any license from any other car manufacturer.

What is the size of H-100?


Dimensions and Weight
Overall Length x Width x Height (mm) 4,850 x 1,740 x 1,970
Wheelbase (mm) 2430
Front Tread (mm) 1485

What is the length of H-100?


2.5 CRDi GL 6M/T (Dsl, With A/C) PHP 1,005,000 starting price 2.5 CRDi GL 6M/T (Dsl, Without A/C) PHP 965,000 starting price
Overall Length x Width x Height (mm) 4850 x 1740 x 1970 4850 x 1740 x 1970
Wheelbase (mm) 2430 2430
Front Tread (mm) 1485 1485

How many seats does a H-100 have?


Seating Capacity Three (3)
Type 2.5 CRDi DOHC 16V (Euro 4)
Displacement (cc) 2,497

Does H-100 have Turbo?

​Tough 100 x 50 mm steel section chassis with double wishbone and torsion bar, front suspension and rear leaf springs, driven by a choice of 2.6 naturally aspirated or 2.5 turbo diesel engines, makes the H100 a supreme performer.

What is the correct dimensions of the H-100 body?


Overall Length x Width x Height (mm) 4,850 x 1,740 x 1,970
Wheelbase (mm) 2430
Front Tread (mm) 1485
Rear Tread (mm) 1420

What is the engine of Hyundai Starex?

2.5-liter CRDi diesel engine
The Grand Starex is powered by a 2.5-liter CRDi diesel engine equipped with Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) that helps enhance air intake, which complements the CRDi’s engine operation and results in optimal combustion for higher power and torque output, and better fuel efficiency.

What is Hyundai doing about engine recall?

Hyundai and Kia also did a U.S. “product improvement campaign” covering 3.7 million vehicles to install software that will alert drivers of possible engine failures.

What is the history of the Hyundais Porter?

Hyundai Porter was first debuted in South Korea in 1977 as a cab over the truck which has undergone many changes and upgradations and currently the fourth generation of it is available in the market. It is also known as Hyundai Shehzore in Pakistan where it was first introduced in 2004 as a front-wheel-drive pickup truck.

Does Hyundai Motor Company use Porter’s model of five forces?

(Lima, 2006) The study will further analyze Hyundai motor company using Porter’s model of five forces. Hyundai faces huge rivalry as there is a lot of price competition.

What kind of engine does a porter have?

Hyundai Porter II, “Super Cab” model with extended wheelbase and A2 CRDi turbodiesel engine. The fourth generation is called the Porter II. In South Korea, it is available in either a single-cab, extended-cab or double-cab models.

Does the Hyundai Porter have passenger side airbags?

Passenger side airbag gets standard on top trim variants. In 2016, the Porter was the best-selling vehicle in South Korea, with 44,696 vehicles delivered domestically through May 2016 (compared to 39,779 units of the Hyundai Avante in the same period). Globally, Hyundai sold 99,743 Porters in 2015.