What is KeyPath in WiX?

The KeyPath for a Component is a single resource that the Windows Installer uses to determine if a Component “exists” on a machine. This means that when Windows Installer decides whether to install your component, it will first look whether the keypath resource is already present.

What is key path in MSI?

A key path is a unique registry value for each component that the Windows Installer uses to detect the component’s presence. This value must contain a file or a folder.

What are WiX components?

A website component is an element on the user’s live site, and its purpose is to help Wix users engage with site visitors. Users add these components in the Wix Editor. Every component has its own settings panel – that’s where users can customize the component and its content.

How do I use WiX with Visual Studio?

Adding a WiX setup project In Visual Studio, open your solution, and add a WiX project to it: go to the Visual Studio main menu and click File -> Add -> New Project to open the Add New Project dialog. Choose the Setup Project item in the Windows Installer XML node, specify the project name and click OK.

How do I create a folder in Wix?

Create a New Site Folder

  1. Go to My Sites in your Wix account.
  2. Click Create New Folder at the top right.
  3. Enter a name for the folder and click Create.

What are widgets in Wix?

Allow visitors to review articles or reach out for help from any page on your Wix site. To embed your widget, copy its code and add it to your site’s Custom Code tab.

What is WiX Visual Studio?

The Visual Studio WiX toolset allows you to easily create WiX projects, edit WiX files using IntelliSense, and compile/link your project within the Visual Studio IDE. For WiX project types, see WiX Project Types.

How do I debug a WiX project in Visual Studio?

That way when running the MSI, a popup will be presented asking if you want to “Debug the program”. Click on this option and then choose the Visual Studio instance on which the custom action project is open on. The execution will stop at the break call (if not press F10) and you can start debugging.

How do I use folders in Wix?

Go to My Sites in your Wix account. Click Create New Folder at the top right. Enter a name for the folder and click Create.

How do I use a widget on Wix?

Editing HTML To Your Wix Paste your embed code into “Insert HTML code” box (right text box of the HTML widget) **Tip: Be sure to delete any existing code. To view your HTML Widget you must save your document. Go to “My Account” roll over your Wix and click view.

How do I get a widget on Wix?

Android: To add the WiZ widget onto Android’s home screen, long press on the empty spaces of the home screen and the Android system’s widget selection page will appear.

How to use registry keys in Wix?

You should not use them in WiX. Instead use appropriate values in the Action attribute to get the desired behavior. The predefined root key for the registry value. Set this attribute to the type of the desired registry key. This attribute must be specified whenever the Value attribute or a child RegistryValue element is specified.

How do I make a registry key the keypath of a component?

If the parent element is a RegistryKey, this value may be omitted to use the path of the parent, or if its specified it will be appended to the path of the parent. Set this attribute to ‘yes’ to make this registry key the KeyPath of the parent component. Only one resource (registry, file, etc) can be the KeyPath of a component.

What is keypaths in Windows?

KeyPaths explained. The KeyPath of a Component is used by the Windows Installer to detect whether the Component is installed on the machine. A KeyPath maybe a single file, registry value, ODBC data source (does anyone use these any more?) or folder.

Where should the values go in the Wix XML Schema?

The values should go in the text area of the RegistryValue element. This element may have inner text. PermissionEx (min: 0, max: unbounded): Can also configure the ACLs for this registry value. Any Element (namespace=’##other’ processContents=’Lax’) Extensibility point in the WiX XML Schema.